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Anthony Avillo Interview

Tue, 7 Dec 2010|

At FDIC 2009, Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo of North Hudson (NJ) Regional Fire & Rescue talks to Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton.



I was about it -- -- -- the -- 2009. And here -- my good friend Anthony. A pillow. I don't know. -- -- Have a hard time with his -- sometimes and we'll run as the pill but hello. Hello hello I'm just season. And his deputy chief -- north Hudson. And the author of fired -- strategy and tactics and fantastic book now it's actually pretty good addition second that second edition's second edition. Absolutely fantastic -- -- -- I'm gonna get president Kennedy has everything -- Jersey. Everything's good yeah -- moving forward we. Trying to hire some people in north Hudson you know the economy the way it is. -- -- forward and -- -- but he said. So would you do differently the second edition from a person. Expand at a lot I was prepared for them to cut sundown -- in the first -- a couple of hundred photos but. They kept everything and then on the book and sort of -- -- concentrated low roof put it up there. It. But there's. There's a bunch more things on decentralization of -- on the first chapter. A lot of things India operational safety -- you know kind of things that. Over the last. Seven years since the first edition that I've been exposed to when when we first wrote the book. We had been regional lines to supply department immediately you know and half and those seven years since Scott lot of experience in a lot of things and I tried to. Get those lessons into the book and I wind up getting you know sort of like -- of the pan down. Sometimes the book it's bigger than that it's going to be if you can upgrade. Philip -- really again now I want to -- you know. Allow -- to put output look up that big. You know shows me they have some confidence from doing so we obsolete. A lot of folks don't know that -- you learn how to address you can that's exactly right but I got betterment -- And a bit they'll -- it is down as the first woman wanted to -- We were Google's -- respect the back that's odd as that was a good year fixed my time it was beautiful and -- and I was those are those that are important to you that you're here right after me yeah yeah yeah -- out of the park that was it was and others. Nervous and -- did that before. It boggles my -- -- -- -- sitting dead yet there's great respect at this you know one. People experience and people care about the job and people on the job and always comes through. This moment how nervous you are or whatever that's trying to say that. He can't hide that type of action. Passionate like your thing here's -- -- an -- that you're up there like the ceilings are gonna partly you know it's so beautiful. -- The country -- is still something people need to know that they can you website for just look better. -- I don't. Yeah I guess the best player in the community so yes that does this larger communities say they have got a page real user performance right training communities really we pushed and every -- Couple embodies that -- teach for. -- it was like the best news. Scrutiny. It just amazed. Hopeful that it was. How much against -- I'm really glad because -- you kind of never know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm going to Nebraska and Kansas city's when he told you gotta put -- work. We're working on Hawaii that's that's the -- trust Michael's. -- happen usually. But people should know they use you primarily when I can't litigate or go to go -- You regret -- ever expected. Yeah and I'd like to speak to speaking with Mike as the but. He's off the line it's it's that cheap source schedules don't national. Yeah. You know so the ones whose time which you know we. We talked this morning together he reiterated his boat for the -- Oh we did -- start a kid we did a a tutorial first on -- -- And we put you know which and all -- much wrote in religion is -- we have the first slides were tutorial on how to understand measures which yeah yeah. What was. Was -- over soon something else to do -- -- You know it's just. Finish in the workbook the second volume workbook. Have to get it Jerry -- next week. Waiting for the rest of the chapters for the book. Workbook to them with Jimmy Carter -- the workbook for the phone -- -- handbook now. This chapter and also -- Frank Rich so certainly it's -- lot going on. Two little girls and -- as well -- But now we're really proud your -- for Anderson. If you last year -- that -- beaten workshop -- You at all it is is is as much as -- I certainly believe and love the but confidence has felt like I and it predicted just added stress writes an essay about -- -- He's wear boots. You could bestow some guy from award there was -- back at around it would have attracted my -- -- those those -- And let them. -- so that's that's worth the dress code for training and our. Just so is this software it. It is -- like a kid and I was well and Walton woman that's destructive. -- -- visible. Students all -- of -- that -- growth. I'm not a home -- love -- FDIC 2009 and else beat you next time. Said.