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Pete Van Dorp, Rich Edgeworth, and Jim Dalton Interview

Tue, 29 Dec 2009|

At FDIC 2009, Chief Bobby Halton interviews Pete Van Dorp, Rich Edgeworth, and Jim Dalton of the Chicago (IL) FIre Department.



Margaret the I think -- the Chicago fire or. At least the third down. And or and he. 1414. Richard what she training. And Jen Dalton who's -- training and to accompany. As well. Okay Angeles as Angeles seventies and it's -- cops on the proper process yes very. You know it's eventually thing that you guys are doing right now in terms. Science and fire. -- -- -- -- But it's also an engineering. And again great -- -- them but what -- Chicago or -- was smart enough to do. Our research labs official research partner partner. So now that this partnership which are. If you're on the -- And Google us and Europe in the fields and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you want human guys you -- the start look at that first trip as a person dies. And you know problems that are on -- the first -- decided one apple is -- those resources engines ability translate science into. Fire -- What you just said it first line. Military. And so we're looking at that the global sense -- this whole thing. Balloons have changed everything about those -- there's. We're trying to look at the components that we -- to try to communicate the firefighters in ways they can understand. It's a significant changes that just about the consequences about every component building and it's gonna affect the way we mutate -- With him he's. Valuable lesson which. His degree in engineering everybody's a firefighter. He is -- bridge between technology research. He's able to interpret what we went from street. It brings the science and into the lab and he's interprets for us what -- -- get -- -- underwriters led partnerships aren't great. I think we're gonna rewrite. With the help of fire engineering fire behavior and or service is first truly more time spent and it. What our environment is because we could show it now. Which we never could before. I bring it brings me back to movie -- -- where everybody says vote public if someone fires -- -- all the mothers smoke. Well we know our -- -- our environment is all smoke you can't see anything we get enough so that and -- contribution obviously is. He's backed up by his education. He's backed up by history Alex. Once again here's -- link between. Underwriters -- in this struggle for department. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He comes just says look these buildings are not put together -- way you remember from my building construction when I was kid. -- in my guys get -- Belfast or Florida collapses it was collapsing how do you take that. He's given -- off the streets and her young farm and you're coming out you're an engineer. So you get -- you what's the next piece of the. All's well of progress from well prior experience you know looking at the buildings and -- performance and if Arthur -- my question would be we're going and where to do what because the buildings and it's. And part of what we're trying to do -- communicate to the building -- officials. That. When the bill is it more efficiently and obviously considerations for environmental considerations for what production in the types of elements that we're missing buildings. Fire performance of our behavior and fire has design criteria. Needs to be addressed because for -- -- with the efficiency of these systems. Has taken -- redundancy out. And redundancies with -- -- serves as a -- on the bowl history that they've been -- these buildings as a safety factor. We always had specification codes and now we have performance codes which means that they can cut back on drywall they can take stairwells -- you know more narrow and such. So because the sprinkler -- -- gonna provide protection. But that's like openly -- we -- environment -- let's put hundreds more baskets industry -- -- it. Jim comes back Kennedy you have not seen on -- website. The building constructions series of videos and to our training programs two -- -- authoring program. It's unbelievable. So now as you're gonna get that out to the streets the Chicago firemen. And how do you guys see the tactics what -- tactic and particularly see it affecting the most this knowledge that would yet. Well -- look at what's we have it out of the field and obviously it is this research in order to solve firefighters first service. We have to change -- change tactics. And that's that easy to do on any -- department so this data. It's about their lives it's about them villains that there fighting every day residential structures. And probably changed. You know -- were basically able to. You know bring -- men. We're still working and tactics it's gonna take a little bit. And -- hopefully what fire engineering here in network out to everybody. Because our message is not just for Chicago obviously it's for the whole -- service tunnels the whole the whole world really. And the safety factors that -- talked about it structures. Villains are acting differently no ventilation. Expert -- in these pilgrims. There's so much reserves that's gonna come up. And fortunately when underwriters labs places as exciting times it is and we're just starting at the very beginning witches. Understand fire behavior and it's gonna -- for a long time. And I think when you look at the Chicago or apartments just my perspective and most builders of the vessel Chicago Austin or you have the right. Mix if you will. Intercity older city used to -- and your neighboring. Communities that you will support you know all the folks out there in the suburbs so your -- what's happened in America wide scale. Because what's -- in your inner city is indicative of everybody else's on what's happening here. You peripheral areas. This is what's happening is these new -- -- burgeoning out in the overseas starting a reclaim property and rebuild and tactics that clearly change and. Don't be taught that from what is it -- -- News. -- -- -- -- with the new construction at its -- They're -- to us once again we're going to -- a mindset of attacking a -- in the way that we thought it was put together and it's at that way. I know this year we -- young for an hour 45 or Clinton under an extra known proponent of Judaism -- so you guys going to be tackled the problem much more. Thorough manner so that -- you huge -- the time he really needs to lead on the foundation. He's the time he needs to lay down you know what he's going to be doing in the streets and you decide to sit back and so is -- to that level. Because it when you look at these -- -- guys with a U three guys that look at you know the that the that -- Insight and intelligence to identify and analyze. And the practical experience to put it into play and make it work. And then the expertise does -- say okay this is. -- people longs introduce themselves. Where we couldn't be happier and our joint friendship with the well folks you guys on board Chicago or or our great friends aren't there -- great conference out there this year and a just I just outside the city officers right there and -- you don't plan on continuing to use. We can't thank enough what you guys do for also an issue of people plant there yes -- calendar that's a great creek on workshops at the end of the -- for them. -- eight hours of these guys telling you and and by then we'll have more data we'll have more field application of -- more -- you more analysis it. So we should really be able to. You hit another home run it out there in the one thing -- -- -- free to do next year's huge one for one hour 45 you know what I call yeah California. It was just so much data -- there's so much information wirelessly that's coming classrooms. Three days. You know and -- and unfortunately we can't do that here we can. In a smaller scale that it our ministry. Yeah guarantees and I can't tell him how much I appreciate everything you -- -- for -- last year. Four or before them this year it is it's a great partnership -- -- the three organizations going. Or like is that it's it's it's a partnership and it's -- networking out. The message is so crucial. You're helping the Soledad and it's that the Chicago part of -- that is all for our permits and input they have. Obviously and that's where you reach out -- at -- does and what -- Connery and our communities. -- -- Thanks indeed the exciting part once again is that -- we now have the ability to change building codes. Provide actual dead as what's gone on in our environment. To make changes for the public witches who -- That sixty. You know we know what our occupation as we know what we have to do we want to make it safer. What we wanna make his -- Republican. Yourself underwriters labs like -- said. The partnerships is great news I -- at a news folks -- Think about it was so natural and just -- -- accurate -- -- your. Thank you guys Jamie thank you sir. Issues experience. Published. In his own -- the I think nine. --