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Forcing Doors with a Halligan

Fri, 5 Feb 2010|

John Buckheit takes an in-depth look at how to use the forked end of the halligan to force a residential door.



It. I am Jumbo -- would fire -- -- for another training. -- to take a look today at the traditional elegant tool specifically for and and trying to describe some of its features in the walk out. -- -- and to get residential -- and we're opening. -- if you look at this tool. -- -- watch the ads the point the head the shift in the for Falk has two sides. The yeah -- and the cockpit and also we would refer to visas to. If you look at -- door half the size it up before you gonna do anything what we have here is a simulation. -- book in a metal frame. Traditionally. We -- we -- -- that elegant. What the -- Towards the door we were -- few inches of global global it's important to not be on the law. Reporter on a slight angle. And we would begin to force. And we -- tried to stay here before and Iraq on the jam. Up that if the frame this would. And we want to penetrating frame with the teeth before it goes right through it really doesn't hinder us. Once we're well past it we could slow the tool. And the level bought -- -- -- the -- Rate in the locker pulling out the screws -- spreading locked out of its keeper and we gain entry. A problem is if you're not careful and -- -- -- it when you begin to our forces. And it's a metal frame. The city and created a dent in -- rain trapping tool that -- whole ought to just do that too little on the friend. A experienced operator this tool can feel. The resistance. Sometimes you can hear it and you lack of progress -- indicate that you. You're hitting the door for -- So to counter that you wanna just be sensitive to it and worked at trying to steer it well -- walked -- ran for. Alternately. If you size up -- -- try to have a steel -- have still to a recruits thought with the concave portion of the -- again. Towards the door. It's less effective when you go to -- with tool because the battle if push on the door and the ads will stop your progress. From. Getting -- full well. -- -- -- -- The curved portion of the of the war is now towards the door and it will help you ski pants. That metal frame and -- -- initial purchase. You -- -- all the tools for you can. Retract the toll put it in now -- side to the door -- to -- and should the -- that the gonna have -- and and took it -- -- -- they're gonna actually forces store and they gonna show you. First the long way and encounter little bit of problem and then they're gonna overcome that problem. All it. What we have here is Timmy has chosen to put the beveled so -- before towards until. And unfortunately he was not able to Steve walk around that metal frame. There's probably people into it now it's trapped the that he that -- -- and so this spending a lot of energy trying to get this. Where he wants it out to correct that is gonna. We tracked that tool out he's gonna go concave. Side of the flow to the dual that's gonna help steer him around that to a and they're gonna get -- partial possibly get through this to a -- gonna keep what they got taken to -- shocker and acts keep what they had retract the school. Reverse it put the level to the -- -- -- Hopefully we've taken a little bit of the mystery out of when you reduce the concave side of the war to the tool when we reduce the -- Side of the -- to the door. Cleared up water and when you would do it how to recover did have a problem. Thank you for watching. The training plan.