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Air Bags for Rescues

Mon, 30 Nov 2009|

Paul DeBartolomeo demonstrates how air bags can be used in some common rescue scenarios.



There. I -- -- -- -- now welcome the treatments. In this segment we're gonna discuss common rescue scenarios where airbags can be applied. We have here's a common scenario we face with people get their heads up between the bars of raw and -- expense. While we have many options to extricate this person most involved -- wanted to borrowers to successfully remove the -- We can't do that using the forcible -- saw. But that's gonna produce a lot of sparks it's going to be noisy it's gonna produce a tremendous amount of vibration. And -- can actually you know the -- which would further injure our patient. Another -- we could use would be the mat gas torch we could burn the bars away. Obviously that has inherent drawbacks also that could further -- the patient. A simple and noninvasive method is to use air bags to push the wrought iron bars applaud. Of course the patient is our number one priority what we're doing is using an old -- quote protect the person's upper extremities. How to take a four by four block it lashing it to one of the opposing wrought iron posts. This will give -- a base to push -- when we go to separate the bars. We want to try to set our -- close to the patient as possible without causing further injury. Once -- bag is set we can slowly inflate. And will be able to displace the boss. When the bars have been displaced efficiently. We can extricate the patient. Keep in mind we want to maintain cease -- mobilization. Prepared important College Station. Many times and urban areas where elevators are poorly maintained -- abused by the occupants the hoist -- the war can commander's training you racked. When this occurs it's virtually impossible to open -- -- using conventional methods. The first thing we have to do we call upon the situation is ensure that the power to the affected cards -- off. Assuming this elevators occupied we want to let the occupants know that they need to move away from the door we're gonna be working on the door. So happens file to the back of the elevator -- This situation what we need to do searched his gain purchase on this voice -- door. Using our -- we can go between the warned that the war in -- purchase. Often times we may have to continue this purchase to the elevator car door itself in order -- the back properly. We have to locate and in locate where the elevator car doors and try to get the forks and -- in behind that doors well. Once we have a purchase of at least three quarters of an inch. We need to block it with a wedge. Now purchases secure. We can -- our air bags into the doorway here. And inflate the -- opened -- store. When we set out back we wanna get as high as possible into the -- -- locking mechanisms of the store up towards the top and that's what we're trying to defeat in this evolution. Using the yellow X on the back. We want to try to -- and so that the bag is centered on both the wars. We hold the bag and position. Again we notify the occupants of the elevator -- to move towards the back the clock. We -- give the command or control it. -- -- Have the controller inflate the bag -- the door pops. Be advised. That this is a -- this ditch efforts -- opening -- cost. This store's been open rather explosive manner in is gonna of course considerable them when the doors -- in the elevators frame it's really the only option we have. I'm for the but so Mel thank you for watching trains.