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Rescue 42 Tripod Head

Tue, 7 Dec 2010|



The -- -- struts are also offered with an optional tripod head. This head fits into your standard gear bag with your other accessories. Simply remove the -- heads from three long strides. Insert and in the shafts of the tripod had -- extend the -- all the legs out as far as they'll go and -- the safety chain through the basis. Having one system providing both your stabilization. And confined space rescue needs is an enormous savings both in cost and storage space. There are three and bridges in the tripod -- for your systems the tripod meets OSHA requirements for a two person rated tripod. We've also provided three additional stabilization holes for attaching supplemental restraints such as ratchet straps. Webbing or ropes to help stabilize the tripod if needed. You can also -- -- -- through the base plates for additional stability.

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