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ISFSI President's Message

Thu, 8 Apr 2010|

International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) President Eddie Buchanan discusses the Society's latest news, including a pilot NFPA 1403 live fire instructor certification course.



They didn't city kid and the president of the international society prior service instructors look into our section on the frontier dot com web page it's -- -- a -- of the mission that our mission and we're different. And I reached such people so we appreciate check it in. -- it's easier for me to do president's message descendants are the type of blood specimen types this is musically it reassures you -- the society. One of the things really proud we just finished is in that gave what your three. -- fire instructor. Certification program that we just for an apology for tickets are kept vice president of arms on that. We've had those come from all over the East Coast to attend that session it would upgrade. Really pleased with the way that it turned out. I'm sponsored by high temperature lines or anybody -- Glover was there was that. And we're -- now looking to rely on other sites to continue to tweak the program Toledo -- the final seal. We're looking it's a Indiana and Ohio currently some other states as well so. We're really pleased with the -- get. And the interest -- are writer's club are wrong to do it safely. Most important so we've really grew excited about that and I think it went real well. Next instrument of an April. It's all about the FTSE. Department instructors conference. In Indianapolis Indiana. Our annual conference you know foreigners are fortune magazine in the -- -- whole conference -- big deal -- -- society. Thinks are off earlier in the week with us we have two -- going on we have. And instructional excellence -- company officers and instructors Kevin Allen and Chris -- -- we instructors on that to -- an additional instructors that day. Stopped and introduced modules. That that's a really high impact program -- -- in the coming up better instructor. As you know whether it be your formal training position -- your company opposite Buehrle get programs Freedom Institute. Also we're doing a training program enrichment small apartments and Devin and wells and rust off and are leading on that one. Another good program to -- -- smaller. When -- small city municipality. -- water it might be units to sit down and share ideas on. Out of the Austrian close second lieutenants are just in terms of -- and resources. And it's still just as important trade partners notes and small. More so -- we don't that you reject those who knows those things happen it was. -- -- -- It's a Monday Tuesday of that week and -- you've -- -- the big kick -- for -- -- April 20 Tuesday. That is going to be -- instructor reception. Starts at 6 o'clock. It's a renewed get to do is needed to Indianapolis is asking -- I didn't tell you it is also their reach India -- -- -- -- an invitation that you see here. That on the back up -- we'll have a map of how to get around town. And we put that together we kind of thought that'd be great for folks -- never been in here we have yet seen. -- great resource to take to get around where you wanna be really cool things to chance for all -- stuff -- -- Newhart says. -- -- -- in your pocket and also gives discounts. Around town as well so that perception it's going to be to -- -- starts at 6 o'clock. It's gonna be beverages. -- -- Go through your starters there's gonna be we got that big monster -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- delete comin' around the middle of the night. We also have live entertainment. Dust settles -- settles. You know he's gonna scroll -- They'll be there performing that they really do a great job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anybody who's teaching -- -- yes she should FTSE that you were given complimentary. Members so you can attend. Or if you just wanna join. You know if you think about it -- -- show us such a 67 dollars. You. To register. To become -- -- to -- If you think about it it's beverages -- -- It's kind of -- -- lets you choose your membership for the year so if you're not a member. Also -- -- I would encourage you to put it this is a great opportunity to join the society. Is just coming in can hang out and it's -- to don't want people to meet everybody teacher. You know all the folks in America -- yes -- Do you there that it and is sponsored by Honeywell. And -- -- and a lot of the problems so I'll be sure comeback Tuesday 6 o'clock it's right when you get in town. Everybody -- -- -- received the invitation there to map out there and details. We look forward to seeing everything that's going to be really who this. -- -- All the members of the society needed to. Some other things Thursday were presenting our -- close instructor of the year award not gonna say yet who it is we tell you that Thursday. When you get -- -- the program really. Cited. Earlier this year a lot of work to him there. Are. -- -- Andrea. You anymore listen. In -- alone -- -- really excited to have them there. Also on Friday it's our annual meeting at 1 o'clock -- -- -- upstairs in the mile. A crisis if you're not an effort to attend a real real -- -- anybody content and more information see. Society's well. But he it would be a chance to come by your -- certainly combined there. Few things on the agenda to look at some of the things for example were considering an instructor -- If you're numbers society. We agreed to follow certain that this is our heels. Our podcast Steve Austin recently as part. Talking. Reputation management doing the right thing Chrysler's if you are instructors. So it's a chance for a let's talk about that there and lots of -- -- -- well this year. Different projects. And the projects include lightweight construction and got a -- -- via our -- program. Your resources take all the studies have been done well in this ultimately discourage search goes on. -- -- -- all the stuff and -- Christians resource. -- -- -- one stop shop only industries like construction. Distribute that. All of our members everybody who's a member of the society. And anybody who's a member of the safety and section of the international solutions -- while these. Via out of your pocket ready to go -- resource good. Three -- -- its image reconstruction. How much risky. To us -- far -- that this is an example of that. -- -- FTSE committee that look at next year were the activities and occasions it's always have adjusted. We have a couple of slots that many of most of the -- filled out the the year -- and a couple vacancies. In touch with us and we -- -- It is there something you do. We really do encourage members to -- when it work. -- -- -- -- It also this year that yes he is going to be the main lobby and engineering at Google news. Lou thanks for doing their this year -- -- -- call them who hello. Equipment things that you sent -- going to be recording the voice podcast lives. You Pigram post will be there is scheduled up in the bootsy is going to be when -- And I could come by and actually lost their records of course podcast site that's gonna need you seen Republican who's who of the -- they're talking union. Enough who knows we might -- you could put you on the -- it -- -- -- pretty exciting to make the -- More interesting cheers and you know the book -- -- So that that's a lot. And just a breeze and investigators started to see on the station's other information you can dig in deeper and find out more about what's going on and we we hope that you -- say hi to groups in Indianapolis coming up in April. So thanks for checking it out let's get on the president and beat him at the international society for our service structures be safe. -- and it.

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