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Smoke Showing

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

See the dangers and challenges faced by firefighters during a structural fire.



-- -- -- -- Boxes to -- not -- put sort of structure fire. Clinton's 36915. Wada report rescue -- plant -- reported response with a possible victims trapped. These guys were not reported a child got the most important -- -- -- going. The -- about Italian 34 and respects. I suspect at this particular I've seen we have -- story -- with smoke -- Welcome Bonnie -- -- from the hit show rescue me and the grandson of the New Haven firefighter. I found out first Tennessee kid helped firefighters -- themselves and. Each and every day I feel this -- we're not only give you -- better understanding what firefighters do but also how important fires. This program won't answer the questions most often asked by policy makers case. Parents -- fire department presentations. -- -- can you tell us what the questions -- Firefighters elected officials and the public must understand the danger that a house fire presents. Doctor visit firefighters -- On average 100 firefighters shine a light duty. -- -- -- 1000 injured. -- -- -- -- It's hard to imagine the you fires reported each year -- an average is worth a thousand of our friends and neighbors die -- -- -- means I'm. Hollywood is given a false perception of what it's like -- fire. Little smoke and fire that's the small so the actor can run through without getting injured just isn't true to life. America's bravest our new structure fire every twenty seconds in many communities firefighters are grossly understaffed for -- task at hand. There's a popular misconception that adequate staffing is equal to how many firefighters are able to show up -- -- fire the -- -- this thinking. Is that for firefighters safely efficiently and effectively combat a house fire -- firefighters must -- A simple house -- in our city record is 24 personnel to arrive on the first alarm. This ensures that we miracle of life safety it's this stabilization and property conservation. If fire ranging carries water and hopes either the first or second engine company will established -- The company will require for personal for this task. He has carry an average of 500 gallons of war the supply at a fire will last less than five minutes. Losing water while fighting a fire can kill. Also a firefighter assigned to the in full gear will carry an additional 66 pounds of protective clothing -- -- The engine -- is responsible for stretching hose with the goal of locating complaining -- -- fire. The fire -- also referred to -- will deliver approximately a hundred gallons per minute. The latter approach for companies that put four and is responsible for forcible entry -- -- demolition and matter in the building. The latter is usually a hundred feet tall. -- is say cruel forced the door for the engine. -- -- Or floors of the house should be searched twice and you've -- Smoke is bent down to the floor and visibility and second or maybe years Europe. It's dangerous conditions because opened their case serves chimney for smoke and fire -- -- because of the opens their case that the -- about the -- is often the most dangerous. Firefighters were relying on their senses and technology to find it. Firefighters are trained to search using -- systematic approach. On average 83% civilian -- -- curtain. Smoke inhalation he's one of the leading causes of death for firefighters and civilians followed by -- in crushing injuries. Moreover victims are most often found in -- and around this keepers. -- -- Break windows and then only -- structure. They're viable increasing oxygen levels and reducing -- monoxide level. Unifier it is the smoke that's the primary killer. This is not the kind of campfire smoke that you might know but instead -- chemical cocktail composed of over 2000 highly toxic gas. Here we need to stress sleeping with the door -- we'll greatly increase your chances -- -- Out of a 105 autopsy reviewed for fire victims. Carbon monoxide hydrogen cyanide crunching chloride in April and for all contributing factors of the victims that. The public's misconception that a fire wake you up is war. Carbon monoxide will put the victim and he personally in -- killed. Hydrogen cyanide that worst you can -- Views and then kill or just you with a thousand reasons why it's critical that you have working smoke detector in your house. Don't -- -- won't kill you where you wake up. Have a family evacuation plan. Should a little ones know what to do in case of a fire before cap -- make sure they know -- -- -- nowhere to be outside the building. Fire prevention is everybody's responsibility and flexibly society will continue to be plagued by fire. It's supplier company officer's responsibility to associate it -- -- while implementing acts and here. One officer -- minutes each company and -- tactics that support the overall operational objectives. Sound decisions made by the officers are based on training experience and knowledge. Coupled with the -- that lead. The first -- line stretched to the fire. Truck companies searching the original -- -- zero visibility. At times only way to find -- the field he. The usual place -- line between the victims in the fire while the latter and rescue company crew search. The -- apply -- short burst maintain the thermal wiring of the room. This is why we teach the public to crawl. -- -- much hotter at the top contains the most carbon monoxide. Firefighters from the second engine trickster hose line either back up the first wear shirts for the -- -- the fire. Fire can extend through the floor walls and often travel a pipe and wire chases. Farming also extend from one window to the window above. -- first cut a hole to draw the fire up and now this is what firefighters referred to his opening up. The slow horizontal -- Vertical -- should reduce heat and toxic gas in the fire. While increasing visibility allowing changing company to -- in the fire. Firefighters on the roof usually require the use of -- an an -- to make the whole. Couldn't a large old decreases the chance of that trapped in flash over. That -- are rare but can occur when fires in altering staged in oxygen concentrations -- Rushed over occurs when all the -- contents in the fire gases in the room reach their ignition temperature at the same time. -- -- -- pre flash over flash over is common. And signs include -- heat build up roll over and a rapid loss of his ability. -- indicates that the gasses such as carbon monoxide are reaching their mission temperature and as they leave the room. The -- is reached the right make -- with oxygen. And ignite. He -- over signifies that the sure that your is now involved in fire -- contents. The thirty engines hose line will be at the direction of the chief -- -- and commander. This will finally be positioned to the attic or may be directed to protect -- exposure in building that is nearby fire chief's role is to coordinate the fire attack. Maintain personal accountability of fire crews and continually evaluate the need for more resources. The chief will adjust operational tactics based on both information that he observes an information that is transmit -- to him from unseen fire officers. Next in rapid intervention team is an additional company either an -- or latter -- -- -- Experience has shown that the -- must be properly trained to rescue trapped firefighters. This -- concept is mandated by federal law it has saved many firefighters' lives. Certainly though lack of specialized training inadequate staffing has left these critical positions in many apartments. On filled or ineffective. It doesn't matter what -- city town or department or from even if your community runs one -- -- 600. The number of -- -- required by the fire does not change. It is our citizens and elected representatives responsibility. To support your local -- -- -- Bureau always four components that help dictate the -- coma fire training. Technology. Notification of alarm in -- Medical personnel should -- -- by at every fire for both citizens and firefighters. New technologies such as a cop allows managed to determine -- seen whether -- victim or firefighter has been exposed to toxic gases. This noninvasive diagnostic tool helps he and keys in doctors make treatment decisions. While reinforcing the need for firefighters to wear breathing apparatus at all stages of far. At the end of the -- and all companies operate on -- -- perform critique of the operations. -- is holly -- on the editor in chief of -- -- a magazine you just finished watching smoke showing. Video produced by frank -- dedicated to the memory of the late Tom Brennan. Tom Brennan was a great from the fire engineering former editor and at the -- firefighter. The tactics shown in this video were derived from Tom -- seventeen years of writing the random thoughts column. The tactics shown in the video however -- -- to incrementally or chronologically. In real life you want those tactics to happen simultaneously. In order to ensure firefighters say if you -- on the -- ground. Tactics of the building blocks of every single fire attack. We hope that you enjoy this video would like to thank our partners the Hartford insurance company. Andy Williams -- company Vancouver Canada for helping us to produce this free video off firefighters. Please feel free to download it reproduced in any way you feel that. Help train firefighters to be safer and to have a -- -- -- thank you again for supporting fire engineering. -- thank you for all that you do. Yeah. --

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