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FDIC 2010: Truck Search

Mon, 19 Apr 2010|

ISFSI President Eddie Buchanan talks to FDIC Instructor Joey Alvarez about the Truck Company Search HOT evolution.



Yeah -- 2000 antenna here was Joe Alvarez in the truck company searched. And -- you've got. A tremendous prop it up in your mental talk about what to classes is all about and and shall props okay on this is actually -- max conference action -- I've recourse training solution here -- What we've done is we haven't set up so firefighters are coming here on come across multiple things they might run into outer structure -- I believe upper confidence. Iran. Iraq fired if -- went something like this. Potentially get that -- students come in there are a -- Arch. After they make their left to -- There office who'll. There are programs that first room there come through her boss and -- -- plot and oh yeah. -- -- -- often or get immediately back. So there you can search. When -- get over at this point. This goes he. Yeah. Rule. -- rule. Actually goes through here there and -- all mean. They're gonna get up to -- platform. They're gonna continue to probe what -- tool you know we -- her head that won because of pay back voters who were -- -- Because we want to keep in contact as a firefighter with that tool. You know a well dressed civilians and -- built. Once they get to the top. We don't want them coming down a first we want and currently we want -- children become. We happen. Sprecher could want him. Have. You know usually treads. The point where. We happens -- or letters or if possible. Please get out of the ground when -- underground -- could turn around and that game you -- out there. When he connected and it's wrong here. Once again this is almost like mimicking -- to keep cots out home. We're going to a -- area that might finish -- You know what they want to your district. Was that you'll -- -- from around the backside. -- -- -- -- There through -- -- smaller choice. You can negotiate that they're come through. Here commodity. -- here. Everything what else could -- Yeah you're all right you're you're throwing your -- you found something you're just getting the -- -- not talk and it's not. There -- come here. And there goes through there and there continued room. -- -- They are spider web situation here. As they come around your company. We. Are here because we want that. We want -- come true. And feels like car auctions when -- warnings against the last minute think you know what in the park her car Washington regular car. It on and it's been brushed over the firefighters are. There you -- What happens where we're encouraged him to get it when we want to get out. Okay -- British Open and user tool there's a couple of different techniques you take your talent pool. Eric -- beyond that point to keep to here. -- upon keeping a fork down and subsequent acts. It all off an apple or windows current -- with you talking. When you go out so we've seen a lot up. Firefighters and fire departments across the country then it will that we can't burn acquired structures but correctly they can't give up on that without -- and here's an acquired structure -- we've done a tremendous and got them. Phenomenal job -- -- accomplished and prop and it can without a lot of money and I'll look if you look its majority gets warmer and if you look we will -- doors is being able. You'll be the -- off other rooms that took. You were really -- us that walls. Yes we the lumber you don't we had -- -- or biased but if you haven't -- -- lumber but. It -- -- you're looking at don't. You know you. You're gonna fire department yet acquired structures it was great we learned a lot let out on -- -- -- you guys and everybody learned you know had a tough. Just because we can't quite structures -- your -- right. Using it for things such as -- confidence on you there's multiple things you can teach you guys we don't actually breaching walls. You know because you Burnett doesn't mean you cannot have your firefighters ready for battle at any given. Majority they wish on -- around the problem -- -- FDIC 2000 it's illustrate.

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