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Zoll -- FDIC2010

Fri, 7 May 2010|

Kevin Tapply, Vice President of Zoll, introduces his company's fire records management system from the floor at FDIC2010.



I am -- happily vice president was -- Company that provides both resuscitation products and software solutions. But the fire and EMS industry. We're gonna talk to you today a little bit about our our math solutions products that are used by far departments across the country to manage their individual fire operation. Hi my name is John over rats the on the senior product sales engineer for the fire records management division. I'm here today to tell you a little bit about our fire mobile product that we're very excited about. We'd like to ask some of our prospective clients where do you perform your duties you perform the mean in office now at a desk. Now you perform the -- and incident at a commercial occupancy. In your apparatus day on a drill field or even at a hydrant -- and heidrick Fleischer -- house. This is what we're here today to tell you how excited we are about our vision. With rescue -- -- -- maps you can enter and utilize valuable information where it happens when it happens wallet happens let me show you a little bit about how it works now on -- -- rescued at dashboard is a -- program that brings together all information on your fire records management system. Picture -- that's. Hitting one button in bringing up the address of exactly where -- responding to immediately. Having access to your attachments in your photos your pre plan your -- here hazardous materials all those items that are important EU. Law -- responding to an -- Programming buttons is very simple -- our software you can assign -- button to capture any necessary information that you need. -- -- -- or operating at an emergency. Hey thanks for stopping by checking out we have to offer for more information about technology in the fire service that we have to offer from Seoul visit our website. At WWW it's old data dot com.