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Hale -- FDIC2010

Thu, 13 May 2010|

Marvin Johns, South Central Regional Manager for Hale showcases the Sidekick pump at FDIC2010.



I have -- -- when director of belly of sales for dale a class one and now we've talked a little bit about -- -- -- by program. Safe buys a collaborative effort between inhale it and task force tips. And traditionally -- class one have. Concentrated. Predominantly on the inside the pump house compartment. Hailed as for a long time have been known for the best performing -- -- the market. Class one has a complimentary. Set -- electronics that complement the operation safe operation of the of the -- itself. And with the effort between -- and task force tips -- creating a complementary effort that controls the fluid path. From the -- all the way to the tip of the host. And by offering to say five -- what we're doing with for the for an end user is now we can -- guarantee that -- will get the performance the -- good performance that they expect. Not only just from the park but from all the complementary. Task force -- components that go along with the Pope -- well. It's safe by module. Allows the end user to specify -- complete module. We have standard. Our panel layouts so from one truck to the next. The usual get a consistent. -- panel layout. Which would make a standard operating procedure much more user friendly. Training of new news folks coming on board makes it a lot there was more consistent from one he's apparatus. To the next. And we also offer extended warranties that would that would entice our departments to specify the -- -- Structuring your vice president task force taps. I oversee a lot of the design and development new product development and what the projects I'm just greatly excited to be part of its sales and say -- project that we have going here. Now hale has long been recognized worldwide as a leader in the design development and performance of -- in this case a mid ship all. And TFT on the other hand has been world known really for our ability to do agent delivery we know -- we know flows we know foam application and that really is our expertise. So this is an opportunity to plan. To really -- two of the best known brand names in our industry -- products along with task force -- together in a single module. You've heard others maybe the -- group talk about this proven performance. They know and understand every component of their fire -- they know and understand the the development the design the certification. And we -- TFT you know things like the intake valve that we got here mold levels trainers maximum fall. Let's fire type monitors. Nozzles monitors mounted on top of the trucks that is our expertise. So by combining what they know on the -- and what we know on our side of the performance level that we have here. All you put the two together it was just a natural marriage. Okay and in September while I was attending the the annual awards dinner for -- and me. Fire apparatus in Pennsylvania I spoke on the importance of firefighter safety and challenge the people that were there that night. That they should do more to incorporate the -- safety initiatives -- -- -- advertising. And little that I know within a couple of months -- would be in my office with the artist's rendering of what you see displayed here today. And of course. I know linked up up with that -- -- Nikki and Kathy Hendrick at the national fall firefighters foundation. And as they say. The rest is history. I did it. I can't be any happier is this as -- -- of any state fire commissioner they have a Pennsylvania based company. Take the lead with this and if we -- get more manufacturers. To do the same thing that -- -- one. They -- cumulative effect of that with firefighter safety would be awesome. Hello my name was -- -- -- and on the executive director of the national fallen firefighters foundation. And today -- -- to help -- at the fire department instructors conference and Indianapolis. To talk about an exciting partnership between the national fallen firefighters foundation and -- products. A couple of months ago we began talking about a way to promote. The firefighters -- in -- safety initiatives throughout the fire community. And a year ago and -- and the commissioner for the state of Pennsylvania. Challenged all of the companies to provide for our products in this thing to do something about it and -- was the first company to step up to the flight. And they've developed a pretty neat program. It involves a poster that list the sixty firefighter -- safety initiatives that can go and fire houses all of across the country. In a really great safety program. So the departments can identify a firefighter who doesn't -- action -- the -- firefighter in the month. That can be recognized received certificates and then hopefully next year with all the submissions Anderson and to a great website. He'll be a winner selected as the nation's -- firefighter here to show next year. For more information about this program and the partnership between all products in the national follow firefighters foundation. You can go to the web site safe dash firefighter dot com. And also fire he wrote dot org which is the foundation site to learn more.

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