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Globe -- FDIC2010

Fri, 7 May 2010|

Rob Freese, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Globe, demonstrates why Globe is the solution for suits in the fire service.



There are -- Fourth generation owners and we'll preferences. We're geared FB IC 2010. To -- you -- telling you. So the latest innovations from globe are highly in here product that we're displaying here. In the latest and firefighters turn hear the latest thing we'll put here. So hard news integrated -- -- systems as well as high visibility air -- that product. But let's take inside we'll show you a little bit more about how our customers and our experience thing load this was. The series to harness from globe is an integrated. Class to harness into our browser that firefighters can use the multi purpose -- They can be used for above grade below -- rescue can be used to rescue downed -- uses -- large here being. It can also be used for emergency escape using a user specified system. -- this thing controlled device so that they can use that that system to get themselves -- -- harm's way. You can also be used -- large here -- in conjunction with an aerial device to keep themselves. From using it as all protect. There we've gotten today innovation station here inside the globe -- kind of a trade show with that a trade -- if you think about it. We -- you -- experience not just the harnesses but a lot of the new innovative things the globe news has done. Here -- were actually mass customization for firefighting ensemble. Where we have a billion half option combinations of ways that we can design a -- -- here. Over here. Where featuring some of our new -- innovative thinking we've got one of global major suppliers is also -- some major supplier to the US military. All soldiers. Now actively engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. Have uniforms that are made from material called the -- am. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- quality to it because. What the soldier over those terriers are countering so we've now taken to of that technology. Developed here in this -- liner. And we're gonna you're -- that and and start to introduce some of that new technology summit new thinking into the fire service. -- globe and FDIC. We're introducing you to some new -- technologies as well. Globe three years ago reenter the footwear business -- we're involved rubber footwear back at the turn -- century. And today we're back involved with athletic footwear for -- for -- all of our forward. Products are based on athletic -- platform so you have arch support -- formed foot bed. No medal in the product it conduct hot heat or cold. And one of the most aggressive -- technologies in in the fires are so even -- hot hot cold or wet. Depending on the richter environment is this -- is is the most will provide the most of on track. That's what I'm gonna show you is -- brand new boot that -- just in producing here and FDIC. For those fire departments that are incurred. Proximity type of fires so book flammable liquid to gas storage or downed aircraft those types of potentials. This is that what's known as. This design for those applications where you'd normally be wearing tumors or proximity firefighting here. This has all the same characteristics of our typical structural -- words. Has an -- support -- formed foot -- -- he'll -- for heat and cold contact. But also it performs well in those high reading application. Another part of the globe business is what we referred to as our lifeline business here globe lifeline. Is a portion of our business that we started develop over ten years ago when we really started to understand what firefighters activities were. Statistically nationwide near north near North America 87%. What firefighters do not for -- firefighting it's all the other stuff. So we'll be the best manufacturer -- turnout here we also decided that we need to have participated provide safety product. For those other application. -- globe we have parents that they comply with the NF PH stands for. Technical rescue and also for -- maps. So these types of products that you would use in applications of either manmade or natural disasters longer term longer duration types of events so if you are responding to earthquake in -- An earthquake and in California. Or a terrorist event on the East Coast. These types -- garments that are gonna be better suited to those types of applications besides everything is non structural firefighting witches. Motor vehicle accident exportation of those types of things. These garments provide protection against common chemical also blood borne pathogens protection. And they also they just fit and feel so much better than having to -- that heavy. Multi layered structural garment for all those other types -- events where. That type of heat -- you're not gonna be as -- being countered. A new introduction for this year is the garment that is outside of our flame resistant type of clothing that were kind of known for. And that's this type of thing that's an -- garment it provides them blood body fluid protection also count common chemical resistance. But you're gonna notice something -- -- quite different here in -- -- the visible and that's the goal here to make sure that firefighters and -- masked rescue personnel. When there in around motor vehicles are a lot less susceptible. To being injured by passing motorists so we're trying to make it visible as -- as we possibly can't and approaching motorists. And globe does comply with the latest -- standards or visual acuity. Something that we're really proud of your book this year is the -- and back the DC firefighters burn foundation. We've got a little -- came -- here going on behind me with my bronze statute. Also the DC firefighters are here. With that burn foundation -- because there's such good. Science and technology that's taking place in that in their sponsored. Foundation. We're asking that folks make a donation. Drop a few extra dollars in the -- -- -- here in the Booth and also every firefighter that comes in. And participate in our crawling prime event. Either through the tunnel or up the wall behind me -- make a donation on behalf of that participants. Through the fire part of DC -- probably. Thanks for coming by -- experience in the globe Booth -- 2010. At the -- For more information -- critic of the globe website WWW. -- fires news.com.

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