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E-ONE -- FDIC 2010

Fri, 7 May 2010|

Pete Guile, President & CEO of E-ONE demonstrates his company's products at FDIC 2010.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time exiled president and CEO of the Long Island we're delighted to be -- 2010 FDIC. The -- most -- conference in the wells is a -- that idea. Here -- the conference and we've got to many innovations we've been shown around. But it should show that behind me is the Carol Stream hundred -- platform truck. On this we've got an extended to -- capitalist ergonomically designed strongest -- -- in the world. -- by a hundred but -- full. With a 2.5 to -- safety factor that a thousand -- -- -- 250 kind of equipment. And he's the this was stable vehicle in the industry rapidly platform operation. This truck has a zero tip -- zero structural failure truck -- -- only one aerial since 1970 -- the only manufacturer. Who could make that play. Little bit about he wants over the last twelve months and saw last FDIC once enjoyed a real -- -- fortune. -- completed our turnaround activities within the with the company. We've. Quietly would have cost of product line which we launched an FB IC -- which is the ultimate -- delivery machine. Vacuum -- And which were also -- -- at the the show this year and an outside group. We have achieved a tremendous transformation throughout all of -- plants. We -- laid -- the flow for operations. I've taken time out of -- construction of the vehicles. Tremendous focus on quality which has resulted in. A final inspection a truck -- a little less than two gigs on average the truck. And over 50% of our trucks -- delivered with a zero catalyst. So we're very proud than believe -- got the finest quality. In the industry. Log on innovations we also 800 a lot of -- Saint Paul, Minnesota this is a culmination of many new fixes that we've been building its a -- chassis its. And we have a -- travel -- -- Which is reduces the -- the overall travel -- by four inches. Made their civilian duty and -- area. Which is all stainless steel. Still alive and is as solid so -- an interior on -- aluminum construction. -- Roll over Iraq protection and although page design it's also a -- -- Which gives additional space for the -- as an additional storage or medical -- and on the interior. On top of that -- is water is pumped in addition to those pictures we've also included the -- file marks a suspension. With all unique tool box design in -- aerials that increases rigidity. Low trouble -- Integration of new. Suspension systems adds an additional complexity -- of the engineering challenge. But our engineers have been a fine job -- -- -- stability while improving the overall -- That handling of the vehicle. As such a great innovation goes alongside the look trouble heightens -- Indians here. On the aerial -- we also Barak XP seven yanks a 78 -- -- We're again reaching further than that anybody else's truck on the market with a 750 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 250 pound for a equipment. Again it's an idea long count formation and off he acts which we believe you want system. And methodology. If you are -- it's -- program truck PS program -- -- -- program. We have to find configurations and find option -- And allow us to the -- the truck and more efficient. Pace. And overall and makes it will cost effective option. Without removing any of the functionality of the operational performance. Of these fine vehicles and -- of our innovations is the integration of the 2010 emission engines. -- the first apparatus manufacturers to be announced by comments sort of completes. Third party certification and approval or run off from the engines within all of -- -- range. The 2010 engines provide some challenges for -- is apparatus manufacturers. -- to the increased -- that's created. And the quality management system. Is is as a future challenges we go forward origin is of them find jobs. Initially not only -- we the first to market. Bootable so that a product that's fully certified. A continuing -- theme from 2009. We -- we gave away and he tradition yes. Of the truck question. -- -- again within this responses. International. -- -- and many many others. We have -- again hopefully most deserving fire department in North America. Traditionally asked authorised Iowa and selected -- seven finalists. And we asked the industry to vote and decide who's going to be the winning the -- This truck is fully loaded with equipment including -- Ten out via new helmets. Packs for everybody -- It was going to be a very happy looking fire department -- this trucks awarded -- oldest. Plates are on the -- wants approaching. Voting is finalized. We're also working on several motivations the will be launched later on this year in the -- of September timeframe. So that we asked the lookout for those and if you need any more information. Yesterday go to WW WE dot -- dot com -- -- gosh oh and he dot com. Thank you.

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