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Shooting the Ladder

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Mon, 15 Mar 2010|

Mike Ciampo and his crew demonstrate how firefighters can "shoot" a ground ladder under overhead obstructions such as power lines, or even place the ladder under a dangling victim.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- This segment we're over shooting latter a flat on carrying worries. There's -- whose war -- salaries and overhead obstructions -- wires and trees -- also very useful program victim from the window. The fire president of players themselves in the mid point of the latter they're going -- left. -- have one arm over one arm Wagner as -- approach -- building again did the latter lower than any momentum in the left in the throw. This -- that overthrew -- -- -- do we have a victim from window. There are by their arms legs and actually in the latter underneath them if he can be supported and maybe a little -- that windows so longer until we -- the rescue. Not that need to raise the latter for overhead obstructions is the players want barber the -- of the -- wanted to base. Firebird the -- we'll get underneath the latter and put his hands on the rail and bounced the -- up on his hands -- firefighters pushing it forward. He actually use caution and maintain his hands around -- going Ron's there is a chance to get it now which -- -- -- Now the -- will proceed with this technique. In some situations Barbara revive themselves working alone. And fortunately -- arms around the country. In order to please the latter of what one firefighter into the latter towards the building and got himself Larry that -- and -- perform the bouncing off the rails. As is added that mr. He perceives that ability and if you're an obstruction you can bounce ladder and -- -- up. Although this is not the safest -- -- partners -- can operate alone and at the latter position underneath the -- absorption. -- -- eyes were watching this segment trends.

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