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Removing Firefighters Via Interior Stairs

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dan DiRenzo demonstrates how to remove a downed firefighter via interior stairs using the personal harness. Sponsored by Globe.



We'll -- as the future of the -- Get the best product that's an invasion all driven from the -- -- what the proper broad. And are drawn to your router network that's -- you tell the story. I want firefighters. We'll be in the from the we're other -- every day we're gonna bring. -- provide the products -- gonna help them do their job that. And in doing -- -- payments we're gonna focus on removed five -- the interiors there. Brilliant thinkers who have for rescue technique that that the personal Mars three or removal. As it comes here to remove our third person woman out to do is to 54. Before we were folks you on your lust -- personal homeowners with the SUV. Not -- for removal. This operation we're gonna stick with the SE BA conversion -- -- What that -- it keeps us you Gary picked up by force whereas if -- with a personal -- packaging the prince's father that she gave up. Where we need to be nice thank -- court. -- the buffer prepare for Burkle sent up there in -- there's. Another focus on the head position if you position of the rescuers to show -- that person must be integrated into removal method. They had rescuers who utilizes social harnessed through accomplished STV 28 -- 54. If you report fault -- -- -- -- that's one investigations. That's why she -- it's gonna get this -- Decide what's gonna hopefully it -- from -- -- that area offensive attack about with the issue yet. His two options -- in -- the first option is on -- on the popular vote they'll go on him. Now he can utilize that in -- if there. To stabilize himself obviously blob instruction -- and I have existing you know there were -- up his -- off. But he -- like that the pull himself up as well utilized in popular vote the -- There's little option if there is a lot it really is to your luggage straps in the popular. He put both -- -- -- -- and whose sole job in -- -- is going to be -- -- straight out. If you get things that we got that mean into the if it's their way -- players gonna throw himself into -- there was this. These are the sent upstairs. There's two whole options -- -- now for the foot bonfire. For rescuers to options for his position for a physician is -- -- place is quite like as seen here between the -- What this does it 1005 programs will be and I can also utilized as moment. Is looked like it was back behind him and you like most of stabilization can also be used for momentum to -- off. His hands will accomplish the leg straps of the external partners whereas if -- -- an internal Marshall -- -- where this will not be beneficial to us. At this point he -- do an -- motion. Is -- -- motion is intended to. Come out there that's their trend which always sends -- get tangled up than that CBS. And up the the next step. Anomaly which ought to go for one to two steps -- -- time but if you later -- or -- as many as needed. The second position for this could be once again you I think -- real. All right if you want Hampton and route thirty you know you like that for stability as bold letters people on and is -- and goes to. Both -- like straps. -- -- -- -- -- -- Together this can get done because he's been done with communication. Actually labor intensive as long as they're always working together this can be done and won't slow motion or several taking on several different steps as -- -- well. Let's take this from start to finish. -- -- What we have here now. Buffers that an internal audience. That's good conversion was converted the put -- W -- there's as she PH got to for to lift. -- had far president for his personal -- aid in removal. Also this of small stature -- first issue you would go more steps than just want to. Once again we've learned various techniques employed the personal haulers in with actors who have -- rescue techniques. We saw our first child symbol of great situations -- requires there were -- will be the interiors that are extremely labor intensive on the rescuers. Hopefully by learn these new techniques in point is personalized -- in -- removal. I would think -- response should thank you for watching places.

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