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Indirect Fire Attack

Mon, 8 Mar 2010|

Joe Berchtold discusses indirect fire attack, in which firefighters attack a fire in a room that has flashed over from outside said room.



I until pretzel and it is much training -- its way to cover indirect fire attack. Indirect fire attack is when the rumors about the plants over or has already glanced over nobody in the room is surviving. Victims or -- Firefighters will fight this type of fire from outside the room. Firefighters are gonna fight scene for the viewing area. In order to do -- maybe people say why in this fight. -- and. What's your client to fly in tight pattern all gonna be happy to cool book over again from leaving their room is over. Then roll over and left over from a -- were leaving. They'll constantly monitor -- Conditions over the head they're doing it. As if that danger particularly. Want to stay cool book -- And the -- -- -- -- And knocked down. It will then flicks with tight -- and apply direct -- street activates the fire for finally -- with. Once the fire that extinguished. -- -- for ventilation. And then it will slowly move April overhaul finalists being with -- -- the fire. -- -- -- And thank you for watching train.

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