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Scotty Stokes Interview

Thu, 11 Mar 2010|

Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton interviews Scotty Stokes of the Tulsa (OK) Fire Department at FDIC 2009.



This is Bobby Holton and reminded -- the -- 2009 of my good friend Scotty stokes from the Tulsa fire department. Thanks to chief -- and chief -- for -- a few of the guys down on participate this year -- -- the show go. -- -- -- -- greatly. More to lower classes and on information. And we'll take back our department. Ann and Scott it was very pleased because apparently didn't in the public option is not your -- Well I got a -- -- is that -- was that because I'm just want nothing it's just because. You went there and spend lot of money and -- -- Those -- got a public has great captain that's also for our department great for our department. I'm Bobby -- word FDIC 2009 we're here with -- is those the Tulsa SD disguise thank you for helping us with a -- run thank you for helping us with the classes. -- -- from afar engineering and and we can't thank them enough percent in Houston and give us a hand -- thanks thank you.

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