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Lead-length Up Stairs

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Ray McCormack demonstrates how to flake out a hoseline upstairs above the fire floor to advance the line into an apartment.



-- The long run there. When -- digital officer determines that the line needs to be charged in this decade. That means that the whole way this contaminated with small heat or fire. Very important for you to maintain this -- closed at this point so that the line can be. Wake up the stairs charged with Warner and then brought into the fire area we are now considering this area -- -- of the fire area. When we bring the lead -- up to the next landing in this case a half -- -- case. We want to bring in all in one motion if we can. By doing that we'll have gravity assist -- forward momentum into the documents it. If we -- to -- this -- glanced down the stairs. We would have a much more difficult advance. And we can't stretch the line out and -- -- on the fire won't because it's contaminated with smoker he. Most important thing you can remember is when you send a fire I did -- go above the fire. Which he's doing here with stretching this line is the war must remain closed at all times. To deploy -- bundle we're going to. Get rid of the -- that holds it together. And we're gonna find the midpoint on this line which is marked by a piece of tape which is something you can do -- you own homes. Once the midpoint is found we take it. Hold it in our hands and separate it. Now by doing that. -- vehicle to carry this all the way up the stairs in one fluid motion. By carrying the line up. In one section and dropping in on a half landing we've already -- out -- line it has done all in one motion. The line that's going up the stick cases on the extreme sides of the staircase which is what we want. Wanna maximize how much holes we put up here we can actually you don't want lots -- holes in this evolution. The other thing is when you get to this -- landing you don't want to go to the next set of stairs just keep it on the landing. This way we avoid any potential kicking problem we -- in the line down the staircase. And wrong. I'm wrong. Once the order has been given to charge the hand line in this decades -- this evolution. The firefighter at the outlet should opening -- we've pre loose in this. So it should go pretty easily. Take -- time of world war in the -- We don't know the condition of the stamp -- out. Mine is getting charged now. Open this up just about all the way. I see my reading. Which is going to change once the line is open --