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Personal Harness

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Lieutenant Dan DiRenzo of the Cherry Hill (NJ) Fire Department demonstrates how to use a personal harness to aid in removing a downed firefighter. Sponsored by Globe.



Will be the future the first. Get the best product that's renovation all driven from the comfort -- what the broad. And our strong -- your news network that's -- to tell the story. I want firefighters you know we'll -- the from the -- other -- every day we're gonna bring. We're providing the products -- gonna help them to do their job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This next year's payments and we utilized in the -- upon personal lives very issues on the Barbara. We can find them to be useful in civilian rescues firefighter rescues -- our own self rescue. This is gonna. You know five for rescue removals and takes -- previously -- spills we've trained upon and for hamstring minutes as -- training -- And you lots of personal hornets to help quicken that removal faces. As we go through we're going to be utilizing internal and external horses that that -- -- -- locked house whoever extra horse that's been around for number years. As it's going through innovations have increased and that you manufacture the system with attacks are extra harshest working seagate. Are the horses are touched down by so it and -- to the PP. We have a leg straps next year ever wakes up we have -- popular -- As we've gone through this for years. Manufactures -- also innocent integrating all our. Personal horses to the PP. We're now unlike straps -- -- are now concealed between the liner and exterior shell of the PP. All the various things we do today will be able to encompassed -- -- external different brands of horses out that. As we go through whether you are far -- -- do you like your personal mourners formed far out or you encountered five letter that. As equipment person -- you good news for the removal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're not gonna take personal lives when utilize it war -- we're down five. Well it's -- dump five -- that is found a supporter of -- ours. Found unconscious -- around over operating and -- intervention -- situation we've learned before it customarily. Always -- -- -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- We've done not by who's in way shops. -- -- -- And clipping. The -- strapped -- -- -- flaw in motion bring it around. And -- We've now converted. Yesterday full body -- that refine our first -- upon when dealing with five -- removals. Now as we prepare sport. We come across far apart little personal more secrets. We can now utilize his personal -- to quicken or removal action face. The circle after -- -- strapped where we run the risk of dropping it. Who's the connections and able to make the connections to the stature -- -- we can now deploy the pump your -- from the personal haulers. Bring across the chest -- -- them what to do these which ever. Us special shot is presented to us with a B looks -- the right side would open up our -- your -- And cops -- -- If we need to loosen up we can loosen that up well. We do little upside here it's presented to us. -- -- might occur over and run into with the left side is the low pressure line. We want to make sure that we do not get low pressure line incompetent that we'll be Morrie when the risk to dislodge and our operators of which is number one. I don't we've done that we've -- and -- to personal questions -- -- for now brings up the loose strap. -- -- he gets a lot of us like a firefighter. What you want -- do she was to -- heritage and put them on to. -- -- -- -- Reason for live pictures especially dual power should stop. Clips these potential slip in slot we do not want to lose what we've changed and we keep that type of five or body. It thinks that they're pitching here prevents us from -- out. Now some five residents can we utilize the those -- yes you can you like those guys puzzle city. -- fire first down indicative curious situation where access that -- -- is not. Vital for you to get through might hinder your operation try to get that the interest ways position. Within which you do is if you think -- -- anything accomplished perhaps you know creative deal in the next period going to be an accurate could possibly dislodge from mr. -- is -- -- So just suffice being -- a single shot. Thompson but -- -- in the popular is now integrated with mourners. The the shoulder straps and -- full body -- for removal will go vertical horizontal. -- -- -- -- -- -- We've -- -- -- for a person we've there was obviously I've learned before in previous train minutes is establish air supply. But first Elvis is air supply to doubtful for. The -- personnel immerse your supply. And that's the need to do -- package of the five -- not equipment personal -- he respects yesterday conversion. The musical but a personal -- -- we just had previously he thinks are popular vote. Attached to the shoulder strap avoiding low -- -- -- -- your supply line and -- them. The difference between these two Phelps is this subsequently and I'll give style clip but these into the strap preventing it from that -- -- out. But we do wanna get in the habit of constantly putting in that fish you'll note that this bargaining counter. Now we have marsh air -- far flirt -- removed. Our next up is we have to take it -- and secured that now firefighters who are removing does not come separate from that 54. Couple options -- up here this philosophers who would external artists which means we have some xxx jobs -- next through the PP. The far particulate Arab leader with a straps on the -- reaction air supply. Because as a pledge stops -- now introduced that air supply to -- system. Keep your between his likes to keep his profile reduced -- -- keep an off the chest area. That the five -- not equipped. With any -- horse and equipped with an internal homeowners. -- -- -- utilize this was all the popular vote -- the straps connected ultimately into your system. As you actually meet them before -- just takes its popular book or he thinks is strapped -- He's now taken sparklers marchers that the -- fires now ready for removal. -- we will not put these views but if you do get a situation now salt -- factor. Like to thank our -- for ten -- quote and which they say.

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