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The Pittsburgh Drill

Tue, 1 Jun 2010|

Jim Crawford describes the Pittsburgh Drill, a multi-task RIT evolution designed for a four- or five-member team.



It. Welcome the trend minutes I'm Jan Crawford system -- chief. Pittsburgh you're far. This episode -- trained hence we're gonna discuss the Pittsburgh true. This evolution isn't necessarily based off of tragedy but more so mistakes made on training grounds. Pittsburgh -- is a multitask you -- for the retains. Is based on a 45 man team. This -- is based on a twenty minute maximum time using stop watch now -- -- the rescue team to demonstrate the evolution. The first off the -- of the Pittsburgh throw in the wall -- The -- -- must create a low profile aircraft to get through the breach. They're packed must have dropped from the body while there's still breathing. -- to order through the bridge. Squeeze their body through and read gone there -- media. Fifteen member of the ball great new approach -- second on the this last two rescuers come through the wall bridge. There were read on there at CDA's approach the second optical. Which the eight. You can see there's -- hope that stretches through the course. This is what -- rescuers were -- Also -- it. To -- -- -- -- up and over the -- Number one ever going over possible she always I'll look -- I think. -- rescuers cleared the second obstacle. They approached the third optical which -- the -- Perhaps -- low profile for the -- dropping their -- back. To the next. Once they -- the optical. -- -- -- -- -- -- Once they find the victim. They need to drop the victim out of the FB BA because -- that they cannot fit through that show with the FDA on. The third fourth red -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their job of that before link on the ropes because they've -- through the issue. The first -- after that the victims are using it -- -- We'll on the -- of life here that has there aren't. Once the victims that's CB -- is -- the body should be set off to the side here they had just that issue. For the Pittsburgh drove. We should -- -- for this evolution. A lot between -- being. Seriously injured in this -- Fresh here wanted to you're ready for the full line. Registry formal probe of borrowed -- -- -- rescuers want to. -- -- -- Now thought to this my wife -- large here. The victims that -- -- They're veer off to the whole -- Need to make sure that we get off all the victims facing off. The -- office. Working together -- you're grateful for the victim. Through to the second optical. -- your screen for old men climb -- -- -- friend. In preparation for the -- let -- over awful. Rescuers want to prevent low profile back through the -- Off the blue for the -- -- green sport. Be sure what -- air -- back on. When she -- issue. The rich teams should work as a team -- playing the pick them off over the eight. I'm sure not to -- the -- -- because. Once the victims clears its brand pressures ran for four -- -- the -- They -- then dropped their air packs -- low profile for the -- pulled from the office. -- wanted to then align the victim on the breach prepared bush today and through. Want to -- -- for clear the wall breach. They can keep your air packs off. It will be point when they often have. Rescuers want to wall on the victim off what the bridge. That the best aviation go through first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- push for action. We'll get the victim group quickly. What's the victim is thru restaurant -- do. Take a low profile back through the -- very. Once they're on they ought to stop the -- -- The evolution retirement. Evolution. -- a total of twenty minutes maximum. Always knew that -- for this -- members safer. I'm Jim Crawford thanks for watching --

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