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Truck Tricks of the Trade

Mon, 8 Feb 2010|

Mike Ciampo demonstrates some simple tool tips to help you with forcible entry and roof work.



When president our opening doors where normally force and my answer -- -- -- they're -- And -- a jam and began pried the door open. Unfortunately on -- -- we can't get enough leverage. But -- trade -- -- can use we're especially by about and tool is. Marry them both together with the force. Once -- -- rules that. We've created cheater bar there's gonna pull more leverage on the door originally gonna force the -- Many times our -- -- face with a very tight we're opening door. Where are sort of put that. -- it out and into the door to garner -- purchase. -- arbitrators. Simply grab the acts of shaped like a wedge. We'll put it into a door frame and we'll -- a couple that. Where you can -- here's a baseball swing. I would create a purchase simply put the -- and -- begin to force the door open. Another triggered traders who use your hookers and instead are gonna -- door. Putting a forecast using your hands. Or Britney ads in and I and in cars or wrist injury. So believe what they're -- around. Pleasure out -- into the doorway we can get it right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a -- as a hammer. Radars -- will be faced with the opening multiple boards inside a multiple dwelling. Through many -- -- so -- robbers are a lot of smoke numerous wars. Prevent the -- -- October a lot of doorways in the stairwell. Norman don't run -- jocks a quick solutions addresses. To grab a rubber band maybe you of the broccoli and -- many emails that are twelve and we can simply take -- now out of the bunch. We can open our door. Nor the one in the mail will insert -- into had this group. On the edge to back and -- sit up orgasm door stop. Or performers trigger trade we can over numerous stores in the stairwell. Wouldn't get that -- again and -- that are roof. And usually there's reports that when we're cutting operating room. When we're done cutting to prevent the soft and sliding off the roof just was in answer -- so I handle. Right now -- slide off the roof. The Turks are traders Georgia's video of them passed on from one firefighter or another it's very important capacities on. Remember when your normal tactics don't work you've got the ball back one of these --

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