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L2 RIT Bag

Tue, 7 Dec 2010|

The newest addition to our LiteSpeed™ Rescue Series. Simple, Fast and Durable. Made with our exclusive FR Iron-Cloth™ the L-2 sets a new standard for rescue bags. The L-2 is the same size, and has many of the same features as the L-1, but with one Big difference – pull the side zipper and the bag ...



The -- written bag is made of heavy duty fire resistant cotton fabric with a skit played on the bottom made of heat resistant plastic. Access hatch allows fast access to spare east peace and the -- There are -- -- pockets one for the high pressure line. And one for the low pressure lines that he never get tangled. The LT can be used just for carrying up to -- sixty minute air cylinder. Or can expand to allow the addition of -- -- bad. The wrote -- fits beside the air -- under. The search line deploys from the act as L two is -- the river bank can be separated from the L team at any time during the search. Kevlar shoulder straps stay secured to the bank and store it can be used to sling the -- bag over the shoulder war. The strap can be -- across the crime or low angle dragging. Other features include two -- pockets. And a flashlight over. Candle in the center of the bag for passing through breaches or openings.

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