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Alternative Tool Evolutions

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dave Dalrymple and his crew demonstrate the roof tent and roof trench cuts for vehicle extrication and rescue. Sponsored by Holmatro.



Welcome to -- the -- training minutes my name is Dave apple. Today we're gonna talk about alternative -- evolution it's well. When you think of alternative to solutions what comes to mind. Think about the way vehicles are made today what they're made of and some other components that comprised -- the vehicle. Some are two revolutions were used to in the past are going to be more and more and more difficult to do. As time grows long so two of -- -- wanna show you today all are trying to methodology. To some of the evolution as we do every day one of them has actually been around for quite awhile that's the roof trench. The other evolution we're gonna show you is a roof tent evolution. Now if -- watch. Our rescue -- gonna go through this step by step for each one of these. Air rescue crews got to come in they're gonna do it -- -- evolution first now one of the things we -- to trying to first. Before we start lifting -- -- we want to put some sort of critic. Underneath on the package that -- helped spread the load. Across the packets that. -- that put this. Spreader in place next in the window opening. And as the tool. Spreads and opens it up. It -- the roof. Thus widening the -- and we know area. -- rescuers -- things we can do to improve on our roof sent devolution. We can make to -- cuts. Inboard of the last groups post on the rear window and open the -- even farther like -- can opener. We're growing much brighter employees putting it under keep in the room under tension as -- make -- cuts. I want things to remember we've already formed the trend. On the inside the post that we know there are no houses. Now wants a relief cut is done we're gonna lift the roof again. You can see -- actually even more space. Without -- -- evolution this time. -- rescuers now we're gonna do hey Ruth trench evolution. That's going to be basically cut -- board of the roof edge on each side with the souls all hydraulic who acts as. One of things would destroy evolution that pool operators gonna -- the tool. You're gonna have at least one or more -- -- to watch guide. The -- operator has the pool passes down -- live side. A good -- Once we've made a cut on the one side of the vehicle would be to swap the bully on the soulful. Now we -- also make sure we want to unplug whatever power source that -- -- whether it's a battery. 110 or here in this example a row will -- unplug it before you change the blade. And plug it back and wanting to be aware of to get the roof has a soul has saved sunroof. Of some type it's gonna have extra weight to it. Make sure you have enough rescuers on hand. -- -- -- -- Rescuers -- -- to hold the roof up on the other side because it's a very sharp -- He said rescuers on the driver's side have put a pry bar employees that they don't use their fingers up her hand hasn't been cut a hole it was fun. I. Not the roof of the -- We're gonna make sure we cover all -- -- sharp edges. Okay we've just watched our crew go through alternative to a revolutions a roof trench. And a -- -- operation. The idea behind these again is to get around some of the issues with vehicle construction technology. Remember though with every any type of -- evolution you do we still need to put -- -- protection barrier between. Our patient and our interior ask you -- Wanna make sure that the trim is -- anytime you're working around the roof environment to make sure we don't run into any side curtain airbags. And to be sure cover -- sharp edges as we go. I'd like to thank our sponsor -- -- I'd like to thank you for watching -- minutes today and be safe --

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