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Anchor System for Ground Ladders

Tue, 13 Oct 2009|

Jim Crawford and crew demonstrate a high-point anchor system for ground ladders that allows the RIT team to lower a downed firefighter to the ground.



-- it. Welcome the trend minutes on Jim Crawford assistant fire chief of the Pittsburgh bureau far. This episode we're gonna cover high point anchor systems using ground matters. Two reasons why you wanna use this system one would be a stairwell burned out you cannot drag firefighter down steps. Second would be it would be a long distance the dragon -- -- from this area. Now we're gonna have the rescue crew demonstrate the evolution. The rescue crew went -- the window. On the floor to ensure that the -- We'll find themselves the wall. With all -- Once they find their victims. They're gonna perform an assessment. And assessment reveals that the victim has -- -- they did not need to do change. They -- the package the victim with a lowering. This case we're gonna use this -- class device. About the -- of the color coded. Series of five loops the reds go over the legs yellow we'll go over the arms in the -- we'll go behind the -- This -- -- PA rated aren't. Two other options for your arms. Again we could use a quick safety -- or we can convert the FDA to harness again remember. Converting the FDA moderated system. Once the heart that. Called our part we'll drag the victims of the lowering window. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Drag him back to the wall. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are far -- and former lift. Getting off to the -- this. Outside business. As being pulled -- to -- the way. What's the far artful stuff. -- out the window. And his -- will be resting on the lawlessness. Inside far -- -- help get the legs out of the window. All the waited on the system out of our part by outside allowing the victim -- it. As they can blow to the ground fire fire on the lateral for the victory away from the bill. And he noticed he was switched over dramatic and -- -- evolution that are risky to try and always you'd. Think that. But in his lower slope if you notice. The glowing -- can be placed underneath the bottom -- for -- for. The -- -- place at the bottom. Of the building for the -- -- and you -- directly into the bath. Once the victim isn't about that we. We can disconnect the system. -- -- system that we're using evolution is a self contained system. It has three large airfares and we always want with the -- -- Kevlar -- that can handle the heat coming from the wind. How the system works is. Your first Caribbean will be actually -- to the top long in the latter that is -- high point anchor. The next forty care Boehner is going to be the travel pool this its hopes up -- the fire. The final Caribbean -- employee is hooked up to the wrong -- right above the windows. As the fire fires lowered. -- care mayor and the travel fully. What -- on the world. If you can say this festival -- the rescue. I'm Jim Crawford thank you for watching trend.

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