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RIT: Roof Rescue Operations

Mon, 14 Sep 2009|

Jim Crawford reviews rapid intervention team tactics when rescuing a downed firefighter from a roof.



It's. Welcome the -- minutes. I'm Jim Crawford assistant fire chief for the Pittsburgh bureau of fire in this episode we're gonna cover roof rescue operations of the downed firefighter. In this scenario ventilation crew Experian estimated one barber had a heart attack and -- to the -- -- -- the fire fire signaled more May Day bringing him additional help. -- intervention team responded from the ground level up to the -- First operation will be to remove the victim from -- -- When rescuers at high off the hate. -- to the victim. There are other options or lowering we cannot actually use this thing. -- -- We can also -- convert the SE BA over. -- -- Keep in mind that that system is not a -- partisanship. -- of last resort. One rescuers did. Radio -- devices. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the -- system. -- twice -- the wrong. Your -- Firefighter things happen often. Are are operated. -- device. -- -- -- On the -- latter years -- at his. That's a record -- -- the tagline for the victims that while he's lowered my room. -- -- -- -- -- lot of them. That -- done over the far far -- -- Again one person -- -- -- -- -- The device without the -- line. If at all possible -- should have -- through the roof ladder. They could muster rolled over on his delegate fully blown off. He points to remember the ground operation. One is the -- -- the tag lines of all the far far away from the bill. Secondly the crews that are bringing that -- basket and it was thought about it directly out of the victims -- can -- load directly for the about. We'll be carried away. I'm Jim Crawford thank you for watching training.

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