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Vent-Enter-Search Ops

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Frank Ricci and Anthony Avillo discuss the potential hazards, missteps, and proper execution of VES operations. Sponsored by Globe.



It. Welcome -- this. In this segment we're gonna club event that the search operations in residential dwellings one of the most dangerous operations on the -- ground. You things the -- The location at a fire. How can get you the wind conditions. -- -- -- you have to ask yourself this is -- fire it's not in the room he going to panic into the room. -- be based on the door is open the racism. The door closes before the fire gets there if the answer is no I might only be doing the -- -- inside that room. By trying to make -- that door to fight beats me that I might get myself trapped inside that room. Remember that window that you -- is also -- exit out of the building only break the window. We want to clear the entire window sash everything so that lead to clean and transcendent and a clean exit out. Another point -- remember you are creating event points. And then point of the -- has -- are also gulf. That's where it's coming to this cannot -- -- lolly gag type operation this is a quick and creative artist yourself searching -- out. Remember when we DS were trying to be yes in a -- right. We want to be able -- DS in an area that we can create a barrier to get ourselves protection where were making that search. Even if you find the victim. Continue to the door to close -- door that's gonna give you more time to remove the victim. And it's also gonna ensure that you've searched the complete world we've seen it time and time again we're firefighters and there. They go to make their search their pushed out because they don't cleared they don't close -- door. And they -- to search the other half in her room. -- -- You just saw the firefighter clear the -- member it's very important one thing to -- Once upon it by cleared the window it's extremely important to probe before you sound the flaw. Victims that can't find their way out -- imperious as which obviously is most effective path of least resistance structure. Will meet company windows if the first thing you do we sound -- You're at her rescue and recovery. And it incident that was six year old -- commodity dwindle and was severely injured when a fire line. Less -- -- so going to do is probe first gently once -- there. Values on the poor -- and -- the firefighters gonna come in the window stays nice and we'll remember this is going to be hazardous condition. He smoke fire everything's gonna wanna come through that doorway. As the firefighters comes -- it. The second firefighters gonna -- the latter to serve as a reference point so that if anything goes wrong or that -- can't close the door. They're gonna be able look see the light on the -- be able to get back -- the same window. As the farmer gets it adored this is where he's gonna check for those conditions. If things are comfortable he might take a quick walk in the hallways largely as a camera memory don't want -- in years there you might have a victim right here exit -- seek meaning that program. -- -- -- One blow at some point. Apple has to be closed because remember you've created and point the fire is -- -- -- it does know or else the gulf that the law will buy you time and save your life. And allow you to make the search and -- this from him. This operation is not something that occurs independently command in the hose line needs to know where you're gonna be yes I firefighters have been in the left. -- enough Hannibal area when the attack team in the incident commander. Didn't know that they were -- -- notify anyone so you have to notify the attacking you have to -- this past you. You have to notify the interior incident commander that you are in fact going up above the fire extremely dangerous position -- be. Once the doors -- No -- already -- the windows you're gonna automatically reduces carbon monoxide hydrogen cyanide. You're gonna increase visibility right off the bat so you're really making conducive to conduct a really good search and one firefighter -- have no problem search and a small bedroom and use in the other biographer on the window as a reference point. To get out. We just covenant of the search operations and residential -- a few points to enemy before we close. First is that a residential -- victims are not always going to be alone so you wanna make sure that you -- around if you do point -- -- think about your -- home. Would parents leave the house -- that children. Often times we find a larger -- them first and our haste to get them out. We forget about the kid that is manually -- -- and especially if it's an infant so if you find the -- -- launch -- -- them in -- place that you know has children inside. You want to sweep around an area in short there's no one else there before you remove it. On normal search tactics remember we don't wanna be moving furniture around the room. That helps give us a reference point how the -- set -- case that you get lost some operation but also prevents us from -- over and over victim. There's one more thing it's critical here Patrick brown were great article for the wolves supplement -- this is if a firefighter has the -- from superheated environment. -- you see steam or what here is what we call off gassing. There's a tendency -- a firearm put holes line on firefighter. Remember we put holes like on the firefighter compresses the gear it also saturates -- moisture and fire Pryor's gonna get and so you wanna do is remove the firefighter from that environment. And take your -- -- off. Just -- don't put holes line on fire fire. Good point frank. In closing remember here is what is going -- where all the time we're probably. NBC on the fly around us has been training minutes thanks to go over sponsor. Seasick.

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