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Hostile Search

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Anthony Avillo and Frank Ricci share tips on conducting a hostile search in a bathroom and fire room. Sponsored by Globe.



It. Welcome the training minutes in this segment we're gonna call -- hostile search both in a bathroom and in the bedroom. You have to file close -- understand that searches on the imperial always -- operations on the exterior. Meaning a proper size up where's the fire how can it get me. In addition knowledge of building construction. If you don't know building construction you don't belong playing the game inside the building and how familiar building construction outlook -- -- -- you win as the how to flyers in the spring and building. Taking a couple extra seconds on the outside can see humans and possibly your life. Remember -- going -- structures all the time whether it's a medical what are mercy take a look at the interiors a lot of them are set up similar. We're gonna take you over how to search about remember we never -- -- over connect into a bathroom because we get smaller windows. -- -- We just don't want to get trapped there so let's take a story got. The firefighters gonna comment when he recognizes he has a bathroom he's gonna hook as -- on to the door. First he's gonna do -- search behind the door. Remember a lot of our victims are found in bedrooms and -- egress but also about 3% of our victims every year. Are found. Doing something stupid and irrational act -- in the talk. Is one of those -- rational -- so we want to make sure that we look and -- good job search in the bathroom. The other firefighter that's in the hallway here we don't want -- overcrowded hallway. It's kinda like the staircase I think. No matter where you gonna country there's always firefighters standing in the staircase or crowd in the hall we wanna check -- deteriorating conditions don't want across the hall or the staircase that way if something bad happens we want to retreat. The firefighter who's watching the whole way. He can't see anything don't get into that complacency and always looking down it's almost can do -- with -- -- -- -- keep your -- down. You wanna periodically always look up in the smoking -- -- the heat conditions. Remember that your foot on that doorway is just like operating a lifeline your foot is the lifeline to the exterior of that area. So you're never really -- your full body inside that area. -- -- will act is that like -- you live in that area let's go take. Look at how we conduct a hostile -- in a fire. -- in a fire apartment. Where the fire room especially if you don't have holes line you're on the trucker rescue you're only left with the water can't. We're gonna come up to fire apartment rejected door for -- We're gonna slow down these operations for instructional purposes but this is gonna be a hostile search he's going to be really quick because this is the fire part. When the -- gets here. He's gonna take a quick second. And walk -- to -- -- you see your victim. He's gonna -- put. She's gonna reach -- -- his fault and he's gonna do critics sweep. Remember we're taught by -- and done the point in our time is five feet. Firefighter and back is going to be -- -- his job is basically to control the door protect the fire -- That's inside the room and utilize the -- if need. If he can see the fire. He may be able use -- -- -- that what can knock that fired them. If he can't see the fire the conditions may be deteriorating. May be able to buy a little bit of time. By sweeping the ceiling cooling down some of the -- if we're dealing with either -- roll over condition. Or some type of -- -- -- flash over but the but the point is that these firefighters need to stay low. If you can't see in the smoke you have to crawl -- it's and a firefighter who was not calling. -- we're not a -- felt -- -- Wendell felt it fell out several flawless. You can't fool you crawling so you wanna make sure you -- we damage to many firefighters. Violating basic -- -- rules. -- it's essential to create barriers and make sure we closed that door. -- gonna allow do you -- company to make a nice clean stretched up to the fire. In this segment we call it hostile search -- bathroom and a fire room in this case of that room remember. Will you give properly it's whats gonna get you win and out of building no firefighters -- -- -- -- lifeless -- and -- building is -- -- -- -- them. We need to ensure that our safety measures are always in place in order to survive possible moment. Remember your personal protective clothing is key here. Make sure you wear what you think are sponsored world dedication of our prayers tonight.

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