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Detroit Dive

Thu, 19 Jul 2012|

Frank Ricci and Anthony Avillo demonstrate a method for going through a breached wall without removing your SCBA. Sponsored by Globe.



Welcome to treatments. Today we're going to utilize what's known as the Detroit -- This is very similar to reduce profile except you're not going to be taking apocalypse is it through the wall maneuver to get -- from one side of the building to the other. I've seen this not only uses a safety and survival technique. But also you know. -- house -- collier's mansion. Rihanna pack rat that just hoarding stuff so it could be away for fire attack or access another room just know whenever you go through to -- You're never gonna know what you line you may find -- closer to sixteen on center me fine wires -- -- -- -- in the walls he just never know so. If you make the call you're gonna reach a wall no that he may take some time to get through. Remember that hopefully we have going is better than where you're coming from so basically if you're pulling the one of these type maneuvers well that's sort -- off. Let's take a look at this real time. Guys let's go through all. You just saw this operation a real time. You saw the firefighters and how -- -- through the wall this is to make sure I had addressed her refrigerator if you -- you have to move down a couple days. Pull it out. The firefighter then he's gonna clear the rest of the Walt make a nice big hole common hazard that you're gonna find -- a wire running through the wall. Generally take your -- -- acts he just smash down the wire it's gonna pull the staples giving yourself a big enough hole -- world. Once the firefighter clears the area out in the biggest mistake I see with this method is they don't taking account. The baseboard which is gonna -- the firefighter up so we want to make sure we clear high above the firefighters make this whole big enough so their head isn't it stock. Right just in turn around. He sounds of war. They start -- -- is bottled squarely through the hole. Then he's gonna bring his arm through and he's gonna rotate his body towards his -- -- sure sure Wal-Mart time -- of war. -- square he's gonna swim the -- -- Rotate your body. Things through the wall. Remember that -- an incentive plan operations. You're now trying to get out of the situation. That is -- -- Hannibal. Remember also made is what you wanna know -- that your main layout and don't wait Sonya -- -- every second you wait. Is at least two seconds -- not -- to get you. You want to ensure that made you sounded and they get yourself through that wall. Remember it takes a couple minutes to go through -- if you're pushed into a room try to create a barrier try to shut the door give yourself some time -- -- out either. All ripped through the -- this is training and -- it's like to thank our sponsor quote dedication firefighters.

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