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B Post Tear

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dave Dalrymple and his crew demonstrate how to remove the entire side of a vehicle to get at entrapped patients. Sponsored by Holmatro.



Welcome to -- hearings training minutes I'm -- apple. Today we're gonna -- about. A total side evolution or -- removal but specifically because there's a lot of different ways we can do sider who -- -- -- about. Of -- post there or maxi you're evolution. Now why we need to do this well think about vehicles to get. Lot of vehicles are much smaller than they used to be and where we've come used to do -- popping -- door displacing the door again and occupant out. That doesn't really give us a lot of space to actually get the person out we need to kind of weasel the amount a lot of crimes. So. Think about where they -- most occupants sit behind the beat -- a vehicle that's an obstruction all by itself. Where the occupant needs to go for word before they can come out of the vehicle -- side works. So it's much simpler take the entire side of the vehicle -- have no obstruction whatsoever. Now how do we accomplish this evolution. Well it's it's actually fairly simple straightforward. We're gonna force the rear door latch we're gonna pop that door the murder open the door just like we're gonna sit in the back of it. We're gonna make a relief cut into the base of the -- post. We're also gonna strip the tremor at the bottom of the be -- to make sure we don't cut through seatbelt pretension. We're gonna spread the base of the -- post away pushing it away from the vehicle. That we're gonna sever the top of the -- post. -- the whole side of the vehicle. Rear door -- post front door is gonna swing out on the front door hinges. From the vehicle. And basically be ninety degrees from the rest of the vehicle will be no obstructions. So let's watch this -- evolution as the crew goes through it step by step. We're -- come in and do the beach post there are side removal now. -- is gonna come in one of the first things we'll try and do we're gonna add some stabilization underneath the beach post to help -- the war. Evolution go better. -- once they've knocked that. Stabilization -- in the place. They're gonna come in and the first school action they're gonna force. The rear door relax. Now wants to relax. Once the door latches forced. They're gonna open the door up. To gain access to the bottom of the East Coast. You notice we've got heart protection employees protecting both the interior ask -- and the patient. -- the rescuers doing here he's -- interior trim to check planning seatbelt pretension or at the base of the post. Prior to making the release cut in the base of people. Now -- The rather Oscar's gonna come in these kind of maker of these -- of the base of the beat host. We wanna make that putt. Deep. As weekend. And one of the things the -- operator has to be careful of in this. Position we have to watched for reaction. As the Carter cuts through the base -- -- close. -- there are released -- is done. -- -- -- gonna come in and they're gonna spread the base of the beach post away from the vehicle. As it goes away from them. Vehicle. They have to monitor the top of the be -- to make sure it doesn't -- We'll -- post and the roof on the face. Okay one of the problem sometimes with the V -- there. Depending on the structure of the -- post a lot of times the structure the because can be very wide. Depending on the reinforcements behind it can be difficult to -- So we're gonna show you some different types of options while the options in view here -- where sever the top of the -- -- At this point. Now that we've made that. Topped the post cut as an option they actually have two options at the bottom of the spread the base of the vehicles the way. Now the first option we started with a -- getting forward with the tool in their lead cut to spread it apart. The other option is to put the tools horizontally. One arm against them before the floor. -- -- I mean the rear seat. And then the second. Where the other -- were above the release cut. About the so -- has been removed completely from the vehicle. We're gonna take it all the way off. Granted it's at ninety degrees we're pretty much have our. Location completely free. Want things to remember. As were making that spread and because we use the option of cutting the top of the holes -- the vehicles started her -- Will things that's collaborator needs to be cognizant. As -- -- and has lawsuits here ask -- if it gets close to the case. That's a normal reaction because of the damage to the vehicle and the vehicle's structure itself. Now once they've severed the door hinges. We're gonna come in and take a handful once over the wires between the vehicle and the doors just in case there's any type of -- safety says. RS -- wants the wires have been cut. For -- move the entire side of the vehicle. Weirdo are you post front door and we're gonna take it away from the vehicle and -- with some -- side down. Existing -- -- alive safety systems in the side of the vehicle. Rescuers once we're done removing the -- of the vehicle you become a pretty sharp edges. Not -- we're gonna show you wait a sealing tape commonly used for window and door insulation that -- real good for the sharpest protection. Because it's -- on the outside with -- -- which is nice and smooth what insiders arable and Isaac Robert sticks. And stays this sharp edge and -- it. He saw how -- post hair. -- evolution gets taken down step by step but a couple tips to put in there. Put it all in perspective. Make sure. -- with any tool evolution -- have a -- protective barrier between. Your to work. Your occupant. And the interior ask you prefer we shatter proof if it's possible. We want -- up sharp edges especially in this tool evolution where the bottom of the -- -- is going to be fairly large sharp area. We want to watch out for live airbags in the new orders. And the seatbelt pretension -- on the -- post somewhere. I'd like to thank our sponsor -- -- -- thank you for watching training. -- --