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Globe at FDIC 2009

Mon, 10 Aug 2009|

An in-depth look at the Globe Firefighter Suits booth on the showroom at FDIC 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana.



We'll in the fourth generation family owned company we -- that around think -- my great grandfather invented partners holding. We're located at New Hampshire. And if there thank you know one all of our products are built the United States we have a facility Hampshire have -- facility me cracker hack your in Oklahoma. We also -- have to go purchase the footwear factory in Lewiston me. We'll have five different this thing company we have -- fire -- We also have very protective clothing and different things that we've -- -- furcal firefighting comes under a lifeline program that we have technical rescue him -- that there. When -- have a longer duration of events that's the business if you wanna look for. When you are looking war the gospel where in the you want to look at our globe what you're brand. And something that's getting a lot of play these taser fire department really concerned about how do you care clean and maintain. Well then evaluate the -- here and so we have established an important -- here a business called globe. Cares it would Stanford cleaning -- -- valuation services. You know some people just feel really good who better the new guy right here -- -- here that the people that Rick. Firefighters should know the globe is innovating. -- that true organization. Not giving we bring through future the -- This is a brand new product that global property -- the first service with all -- innovations. Of no he called transfer because -- feel the pride their brains forever and clever technology built in this. It's flexible right out of the box. Firefighters it would. Good stable platform. Upon which to stand it has athletic -- platform was built in. They acted -- support -- on board. And provide them high level of perfection as well. Prospect memories here. Toward all the -- -- we'll. Probably all will be one. We as the voice of the customer broad review product development so. The environment like this we asked essentially requested lot of questions there we asked what do you like. -- not like what would you change your good. And we use that information. Analyze it and come up with some common thread of what's really important the fire started recognizing. You wanna give up anything you only wanna get. Additional. Functionality and performance or who have done that very same -- here and this year we're featuring a couple of grain products one -- call partner is built right into the that any -- moved to the outside. And yet as easily deployed very possible and and worked for them to get them birds -- drastically. Worked for them. Where there -- latter do provide all protection. It also worked as a down fire -- -- -- it and -- conjunction with a drag rescue device that's part of the that the standard in every now. We'll as a trusted family owned business with -- on. My brother my cousins in -- We -- there at the business every day were active managers of the company any -- writing and calling for our. Doctor it's about opportunity we have. Any. And now we really enjoy that interactive -- We're passionate about our business. -- so confident are here are part of solution that we actually want our customers can try it out here at a trade show. Pipeline in Africa -- -- -- -- this all behind me there experience and mobility of the as well as they actually load this as. And feel what what -- seeing are built into a browser and feel like. Comfortable simple solution really elegant solution when he heard anything else the what we're featuring over on the side of life is all of our turnout here business but a brand new product -- this year. Is that plastics plastics for us is there it is a product that. In conjunction with the environment where -- today our department of -- their budgets. -- -- greater distances for a couple more firefighters. With the product that the providing for the money that they have to spend. The globe innovations -- -- FDIC. Really speaks to the future of firefight. Some of the things we have to talk about future. -- chemical biological -- every day firefighting years it's been a five year project to develop bring new technology. That's even better that than what the military currently have him back today we're gonna are deployed -- -- through. We're in the process of developing -- physiological status monitoring system we call it -- them. What that entails as we can monitor very body functions. So that we can understand more of what's going on of the firefighter 50% of all firefighters. It -- each year the result of heat stress related. We're protecting them from the external environment. But we also I understand what's going on with the body inside. If we can do that if we can -- -- The real time way. An intimate manner you better a better job. And pulling people out of the building right of the situation an appropriate time again through rehab area before the period cardiac event. Over the company delivering solutions for the first you've been around for -- haven't heard I heard in place second here evaporate. Same family fourth generation family owned business. To be trusted by the -- -- to deliver the most innovative best product for the job they have to do. We'll be as the future of the Bert and got the best product that's renovation. All driven from the customer base what's the proper approach and our strong this -- network that's open to tell the story. I want firefighters you know globe is the from. -- other facts every day we're gonna bring home at the end -- -- day. We're providing a product you're gonna help them do their job.

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