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Fire Service Court, Part 2

Wed, 29 Jul 2009|

Chief Bobby Halton continues his discussion with fire law experts Chip Comstock, Curt Varone, Brad Pinsky, and John Murphy at FDIC 2009.



And as we set this up and you fire service corps we're gonna do -- -- -- -- a big redesign them no guys we'll submit questions and concerns and I really hope that the first of -- reach out and -- him -- -- candidate if you can't help but you know and this what you should be doing it and there's lots of times when you're doing -- lawyer. Do you get that you get that letter from the city -- you get whatever it could be you know wrongful termination could be. Whatever it is and and -- before the Olympics and I now aren't. In an institution as we always make jokes about you guys and future but and -- -- jokes about ourselves. But the problem is when you really beautiful -- And you said it best John. An adequate representation is just not acceptable for anybody and whether as a firefighter copper what one thinks we are trying to do -- -- some networking and. Early amongst ourselves is that. -- thinks it's -- about the fire. Our law is it varies state to state as -- -- this morning to the group. If I -- do presentation on ventilation oral enforceable entry it's gonna be pretty similar. We have different doors are -- in one city versus another but typically it is the same applications. Want differs state by state and that's what things we find as we talk amongst ourselves -- we can give general principles we can talk about cases we can give general guidance. But ultimately the other thing we would encourage I think is that. Fire. Departments fire officers need to develop good relationships with local attorneys and hopefully find one in -- state. That really understands what it is -- about and we're not a usual mean I used to think we were but there's probably at least a hundred firefighter lawyers out there and another one actually here today reviewed. Great to create and wants us and really its role on the web save millions of control we're gonna put -- -- whatever you what was gonna build a page of our troops court with thousands of you guys but. Almost like directory trees and you have a guy in we have that actually we have that is what an asset yeah -- you know you don't wanna bring -- Britain is you the first arm and his government. News some of the stuff we see guys getting -- fundraiser. For the gallows humor and you know we -- -- call. We school hazing. Is now crime in some places you know reasonably thought that we it was funny you know shaving cream in the boutter. All -- other goofy stuff and I understand it crosses a line from. A lot of this is a rite of passage you know and I'm not -- for -- time again with -- chains entering. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at one time and there's just a minute when you notably. We all know stuff like that's gone on and I think -- -- guys -- -- -- -- you never -- line gets crossed that's changed him. It would becomes personal it's -- It's a changing world is changing dynamic and really the courts it was kind of the tip of -- -- Haven't you guys as NASA. You know it's just I think it's -- elevate. Not -- what we're doing online turns the radio show but it's alternately. We're doing magazines can only in the show. So -- -- force on terrorism classes here you all. Contribute right and you all -- going to be on the radio show. So we're really excited about -- releases via. Because. This is true story of prominent legislature congress person and general and with me sobering and she's. -- scores out. She's going to come. Complexity -- apartment. It was senators -- -- for reform yes him too much -- college. -- -- chemistry physics. How was liberal arts. High speed machine is slow in being -- There's a perception or not you know that Calvin human thing -- has changed over it's about professionalism and you guys really. -- -- network problems. -- you're just amazing author of your stuff Armitage you know your stuff and fire -- and you always write great stuff breast developed software or service tracking systems for volunteers is incredible stuff. You know John new retirement problems with the phone doesn't have -- and as you can do that. On -- and you can't do this. -- -- I always get extensions and yeah. I'll Israel's -- yeah. It's only this job and you know just -- you -- -- and a place for decades and simple questions -- you know. Get an honest I think what we're seeing -- -- case law. It's all about people living in August who drill for. Our those were -- -- if you look at all of this and one case look at. All of -- standards -- -- -- across the country not what's being affected you know appreciate it is also laws. We look at it and what Supreme Court this is what sort of course positions are kind of dictate policy. I'm always concerned when you know order or judge -- policy organization. Conductors -- I think it's you know -- coming up from the ground up in order to create a policy and most standard. Exactly -- an organization in order to set policy and set the standard. Sometimes is you just can't achieve this is -- -- unsustainable achievable it's expensive to do. And I think you know what other things that I try to do I was you know in the park service strategy requires you patrol. And you know as we talked voters just ask the question. Asked the question don't be afraid to ask the question is somebody who can understand what you're talking about provide an answer that's that's reasonable. Hillary's story asking us questions that was the talk is cheap excellent. That's. Yeah these guys happy now only if you know you phone and bush -- recent show and you know going forward we're just -- please -- -- back. Teach -- next year and you're gonna Alice yeah absolutely you know I think it's a great workshop really no legal issues are very workshop -- an open classrooms we -- another -- all our guys moments questions. I really think you know performance misplaced and or. Especially for us by our officers noticed you are champions and by the group's. And -- -- suitable for hours. That the -- case that's coming up now -- was about her and it's a fascinating piece of -- -- Now. How -- is that. Abilities. When it. -- cases like I -- but the day we had -- general session today Carol cheaper we're talking about you know. Emphasis on the -- stuff. Two minimum staffing. University of fire chief. Who spoke out at the scene of a firework person was killed -- we don't have adequate staff. And he was -- usually suspend the suspended him suspended him and he wouldn't now. He lost it found -- his speech wasn't protected and this was -- case from last month that's right yeah. And it was surprising it was I would thought I think that was protected speech so you know let's see are things we we need to become. More political. But what things definitely true do proper framework that's going to be when they are things we're -- I think what an opportunity to talk about -- you know how do fire chiefs are firefighters. People -- and be political because we have to be -- at the same time doing in the manner that is that this protect. It. Let's see what she's. If you -- Yeah. I'm. It's. Our. Morals. You. It's -- if we do -- call aggressive. Pro active and yours. His own. -- yeah you lakers that you don't like that -- And I. I haven't written and talked about the need for. Finest -- leaders to be leaders and not let the lawyers dictate what we're gonna do over and and that and that's you know really important -- what. In order for that to happen the -- it -- the leader has -- have really good handle. I'm on the general -- -- -- -- just thought I'd ask the question and it lands no time boundaries exactly and and not abdicate -- war leadership responsibility to away. But -- we need to do is what is so we can identify holes laws which exposing our fires are still quietly. And then Egan touched a lot -- activists and political voices and allow those people fix problems that these things all the time that. Are affecting the fire service increasing their exposure -- they shouldn't have -- But it falls at the end of the court case there's no legislation solving and that's something where we can do something about that. It's really fix some problems. Well these -- the bases in the voice of fire service -- -- Penske. John Murphy. Jeff Comstock. And -- -- for great firefighters for a great -- Fire service court Comverge and radio it's in the magazine now instantly on website. Above all reliability -- -- 2009 and I'll speak with the against them.

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