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Repositioning Apparatus

Mon, 13 Apr 2009|

Firefighters must be prepared to reevaluate and revamp tactical decisions on the fireground. John Riker demonstrates how to rapidly reposition aerial apparatus at a fire building.



I welcome the fire engineering training -- minutes. Decisions on the fly -- grounder made instantaneously. And under great stress. Firefighters first to arrive on the scene are under tremendous pressure to take immediate action. Sometimes that action has to be reevaluated. It's important for firefighters to be proactive. And to be ready to change your decisions. On the fire ground. At our scenario today. Members chose to set up on the -- side -- the fire building. Probably not the best place to -- -- well within the collapse zone. So let's reposition the apparatus this'll be done quickly because they were proactive. Shut down -- repositioned. Shut down -- reposition. Once ordered -- repositioning apparatus Thanksgiving. Firefighters working a total team now. Each firefighter knows his job ahead of time this makes moving the apparatus. That much more -- One firefighter -- the aerial ladder back -- position. The other firefighters stand -- get ready to move the -- lines and adjust the outrigger place. -- apparatus will be. Position. -- started the fire building is being directed into the top floor of the tower. NBA side. Firefighters must -- your drugs beforehand. In order to be effective on. Required. On the fire ground. It is it seemed like hours. Proper training and proper preparation. Even a simple -- repositioning apparatus we'll go smoothly. It's something that we had to prepare for ahead -- time. Thanks for watching. John right.

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