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FDIC 2009: Instructor of the Year Award

Thu, 23 Apr 2009|

Dan Madrzykowski of NIST is awarded the Fire Engineering/ISFSI George D. Post Instructor of the Year Award recipient.



Please welcome -- Buchanan and Glenn Corbett. We'll have the time so far. Good good. Good welcome to the show I'd like you two attorneys over right now immediately to work chief -- from I have to sign talk about our award winner -- yet. Well first let me say what an honor and how excited we -- -- -- International society of -- service instructors is George -- -- of the year award back on this stage we're we're we're really excited that's happened. The award has been around since 1974. I highest honor we can bestow an instructor some of the past winners -- Francis brand again Dennis Compton do we go better -- reader a Johnson hit all the names that that we know. And respect. At this year's winner is certainly no exception to that high standard. So let's take a look at this year's -- winner. The international society of fire service instructors and fire engineer and a proud to percent that you which do you post instructor of the year award for 2009. This award has a long history of excellence in fire service instruction -- leadership at this year's winner is no exception. Many of the tactics used in today's fire services -- developed over the years by our predecessors. As tactics were developed they were passed from one generation the next. We are only just beginning to apply modern science to the business a firefight. This year's winner of the George you -- instructor of the year award is a leader in applying science to firefighting operations. Dan magic house from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Has worked to better understand fired dynamics and most importantly how to apply the science of fire dynamics to saving the lives of firefighters. They and it's conducted countless lives fire experience to develop an understanding of our development in flash -- More importantly. He had studied firefighter line of duty deaths and develop part dynamic models that allow us to understand what happened to our fallen Brothers and sisters. And learned the lessons of their -- -- -- in the TV in this battle the fire dynamic simulators -- few models to simulate the fatal conditions in Keokuk Iowa. That killed three firefighters and three small children. The computer modeling allowed us to understand the rapid fire development that anchor and hopefully how to avoid this situation in the future. -- and also studied the deaths of instructors who died in the line of duty. He has recently recreated the fire dynamics that killed captain -- a large in the basement of the -- Howard Pennsylvania. He also studied the incident that killed former at the icy hot instructor who -- John Nichols and firefighter Dallas -- In both of these cases instructors are valuable lessons about live fire training -- that -- work. They had most recently led research into wind driven fires -- high rise structures. Working with fire service leaders. Damon and his team conducted unprecedented experiment to understand the -- dynamics that have killed or injured numerous firefighters of these over the years. Through these experiences we could actually see the invisible killer that blasts the hallways and living space in these structures. Because of his work the fire service is developing new tactics to combat these fires and save the lives of firefighters. Most importantly -- taking his knowledge and experience to the classroom. He's delivered -- dynamics programs across the country. And has developed a variety of training did. To put these lessons in the -- of company officers and instructors worldwide but there is no doubt that -- work -- change firefighting tactics in the future. And apply science to additional suppression tactics of the fire service. Ladies and gentlemen. The international society of fire service instructors and -- -- -- proud to present at 2009. George -- post instructor of the year award -- Daniel magic house. From the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For his efforts to recruit firefighters safety through research education. -- -- Ladies and gentlemen if you would please welcome my brother. Bad magic -- Thank you president Buchanan. Professor Corbett. -- -- Members of the society and our protection engineer. Thank you very much this is truly an honor. I have to tell you I didn't -- this alone. I needed thank my family my wife of thirty years -- my five kids. Not only for putting up with me and accounting for my excessive travel but also for helping me conducts ballparks permits at home. Digitized videos typing up scripts for dvd presentations. You name it it's a family affair. All of us think my colleagues -- nest in US update. I've learned a lot from them and they provided me with great support but especially need caught my bought Nelson -- He trusted me and allowed me to reach out to you and is -- the fire service based on their needs and for that we should all be thankful. There would be known as experiments and apart structures without the -- -- fire departments across the country. I've had the pleasure working with large departments such as -- -- -- the Chicago -- apartment -- -- apartment. But I -- I've also had the opportunity to work with some small and very dedicated departments. Such as those in Allendale. And Georgetown Delaware and seaside California. Steve -- -- I have recently completed two reports on wind driven fires. Combined they total almost a thousand pages. They provide information and data on the impact of wind driven fires. Any effective tactics and using tools such as -- control devices and high rise nozzles. But in the interest saving -- time here -- some items from that summary that apply to its most structure fires single family homes and highrise -- number one. Remember the fire trying. Takes fuel oxygen. And -- to have a fire. Usually firefighters have tools affect the availability of oxygen and they have water to absorb the heat use them wisely in in a coordinated manner. Performance -- Isaac and re asked when conditions went in ventilation change. Consider wind in your eyes up fighting the fire from the -- -- -- to the burn side may not be your best option. Smoke is fuel. Venting does not always equal -- -- control the flow -- Being between the fire in the down -- event is not a good place for firefighter to be. Unfortunately I've had the opportunity also to investigate me line of duty deaths. And I've examined such as cherry road you cook and -- -- -- get which resulted from firefighters being caught in the flow of hot gases are flames. Because they weren't positioned between where the fire was. And due to changes in ventilation. Where wanted to go. If you wanna see the data and video support these observations police come to Booth 113 and get your dvds that. Take it on the your department and used it. Last but not least a wise man once said life is too short to work with people you don't like. Truly I've been blessed to be able to work with you the fire service. Your good bunch of people -- America's heroes. I've been lucky to work with you thank you very very much.

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