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Stairwell Hoseline Stretch

Tue, 9 Jun 2009|

Ray McCormack discusses a way of stretching a hoseline up a stairwell to minimize kinking and all for easy advancement of the line.



It. When we flicked the line up the staircase towards the fire area they have to make sure that the line doesn't get -- around -- the railings on every turn. Once you do that you have no extra holes in case -- need -- because -- -- stretched very tight. The second reason is once the line is charged. We want to be able of spread out a little and by doing that by having a wide on the stick case we'll have room for the line to get shots and reduce the chance of the -- Every -- reduces the pressure and available war five. In this example of firefighters stretched very close finish -- -- As you see when they make the turn the hoses wrapped tight around that term if they need any additional holes and very difficult. To get. And if this stretch last for several floors this problem is compound multiple times. In this example we see the firefighters stretched around the outer perimeter of the stick. The line goes up the outside of their case around the white section of the land. This -- the line to be -- out. -- -- -- And once it's charged with -- -- -- -- have a -- -- so we'll have extra line if we needed on the -- war and have a Weiner has list can. Remember the next time restriction -- there is keep the hallways away from the -- programs. This will allow you to have extra holes on the five what -- you needed and it reduces the chance of rain keeps happening.