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FDIC 2009: Presentation of Colors

Wed, 22 Apr 2009|

Watch the Presentation of Colors by the Indianapolis Firefighters Emerald Society Bagpipe Band and the Pike Township (IN) Fire Department Color Guard, as well as the invocation by Father Ed Byrne.



Ladies and gentlemen please rise for the presentation of colors. The United States national anthem sung by the voices -- IFD. -- -- -- You know. Seeing. Bob and Iran's. And who was low -- CNN. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a little and. -- -- -- When it -- yeah. -- -- -- You know. And I have a okay and -- We'll. Yeah. As mad as. -- -- Afternoon. Boom. And I. Please remain standing for the Canadian national anthem. Okay. Okay. Oh. It's. Okay. -- -- It's. Okay. It's. OK. Okay. -- You know guys in this -- Okay we're. And he writes okay it's. Okay. It's okay. And I. Okay. Car. It's. We'll all. Learn. This it's. And I -- Okay. Okay. The okay. Okay. -- -- okay. Please remain standing for the invocation by father Edward -- We all have heroes. When we are very young. They use the the adults around us. Parents older Brothers and sisters. They are bigger and stronger. They do for us the things we cannot do for ourselves. As we grow older. -- heroes may come from the stories we hear it or they the stars. Of sports. Popular culture. And as adults. We need heroes who are more real. More reachable. More like ourselves. But with just enough extra. So that we can use them as examples. They are the ones who inspire us. The ones who literally breathe life into us the ones who encourage us to believe that we can do. What they have done. Each of us here today as heroes. People who led us into this war and who inspire us to continue. Sometimes by their words. But more often by what they did. When they did not know we were watching. Heroes usually don't do extraordinary things. They do ordinary things when the pressure -- A hero is someone. Who does what they can and then. Just a little bit more. Heroes face the unknown. And move forward. They take just one more us that they tried just one more time. Hero is no braver. Than an ordinary person. But -- hero is -- Five minutes longer. Heroes and that made by choice. They are revealed. By circumstance. And since we have gathered here last -- today. Sadly we recognize a 114. More heroes. We come to honor them today. They were members of this community. They -- -- when they will call they walked into the unknown. They went to help those who could not help themselves. They would heroes. What inspires people like them. What gives them strength. What gives them. The courage to answer the call. We do. And all those who have gone before us. We do by. Saying Leo all in this to -- that. We do. -- devoting our time and our energy. We do by making sure. We are ready. We do by simply showing up. Every time we -- call. Heroes are those given their lives to something bigger than themselves. And Jesus makes this clear in the gospel of John when he says. No greater love has won then this. One laid down his life. Put his friends. But he also tells us. That we are not in this alone. That whenever a tool or more I've gathered in his name. Doing good work. Joining together in service to others. -- god. Is with us. Our community is more than simply the sum of its members. There is a divine spirit that supports us that feels in this space is between us. I shared spirit. That helps us to say yes. To the phone call at 3 AM. Yes we have call from our families and our own lives. Yes to this service of those in need. A spirit that says yes and yes again to this community. And it binds us together. With a long line of heroes. We -- called to be like them. Not to do the impossible. But to do what we can inspired by those who have come before us. As we begin -- gathering here today we honor their memory. We enriched by their legacy. We draw strength from their courage. And we asked for the -- to do as they did -- to answer the call. And we remember them. And -- but I -- now pleased to join in this prayer. By answering together and how loud voice we remember them. After each single case. In the rising of the sun and then it's going down. We remember them. When we -- Leary and in need of strength. When we are lost in sick at heart. When we have -- to share. In the rustling of the leaves and and the beauty of autumn. In the beginning of the year and when it ends. So long as we live. Day to show -- live. -- they are now -- part of us. As we remember them. And that. Ladies and gentlemen please take -- -- There right. Right. Well.