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Body to the Building

Mon, 2 Mar 2009|

Mike Ciampo shows you how to position yourself so you can see the fire building at all times, even while laddering the building and footing a ground ladder.



I'd go over concert called body -- -- a building I'll mention it three times in this video. The first time is we take a portable -- fire truck and we have the opera to order in which -- position our body. Facing the fire building this -- were removing the latter. We still can -- and I am changing conditions in the -- building. Our next item building. And Bob's story with a B memories. Many firefighters are allowed or update check and they begin the walk the latter -- As you can see we're watch -- our hands. Some firefighters positioning themselves to be -- desire -- building. -- -- raising -- latter you could see that you have some blind spots. It's very important for firefighters. To. Put their themselves body to the building. It -- aren't there you off shoulder. This way to maintain contact with the fire building. Many firefighters are -- to put the latter from behind. -- -- in a position similar to this to put the latter. Unfortunately they can't watch a building has fire conditions behind them it's very important -- body to the building in the front. Pleasure we're -- -- -- latter I want monorail or wrong and try to keep the balance the latter's violent climbs. Another important reason for the latter from the front as if a fire for it was a slip for -- The firefighter was positioned behind -- latter. And a member was climbing as you went to slip. You would come around possibly not his foot off the wrong and Ottawa bounds. If -- -- more out front. If the members slip will be able to push and didn't do. Another reason for -- -- -- from the front is of fire where there was Kleiman. And accidentally dropped -- tool you could be struck by a tool. Another important issue about putting from the front on -- steep incline or icy surface. The latter gets overloaded the top with the victim removal the latter has a tendency kicking out which of firefighter could also slide. Downwards. The -- to come down across them. We come around towards the front when midfielder put added pressure until I with a -- to -- Another reason to for the latter from a -- not the -- areas where remember climbs -- -- to -- the window. The firefighters position behind the latter. And also in the glass breaks there -- -- -- -- and cringe. -- no vision of lawn debris coming down at them.

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