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SCBA 2: Use & Maintenance

Mon, 2 Feb 2009|

From Action Training Systems, Title 5 in Essentials of Fire Fighting, Firefighter I, 2008. Demonstrates correct SCBA donning and doffing techniques, inspection and care procedures, how to change cylinders at an emergency scene and safety precautions and rules for using SCBA in emergency situations.



Welcome to this sample course from action training systems. All of the learning objectives included in the -- course are listed on screen. He will be show an example of these sanctions in this demo they complete listing of our course content is available on our web site. Pure self contained breathing apparatus. Is designed to provide you -- years of dependable service. Get the maximum use -- safety benefits you need to learn and follow correct procedures. Daunting often operating inspecting and changing here -- VA facility. This program you'll learn how to use and maintain this important -- There are several safety precautions and rules that you must remember it off when using SM BA yeah. Firefighting. Is one of the most -- demanding jobs you can possibly do. Turnout here is heavy just by itself. When you add -- -- VA you'll be carrying another 35 pounds or sixteen kilograms. Which means to do the -- you need to be in great shape. Physical conditioning is as important as your equipment and technical great. One convenient feature -- CPA is that can be done like that -- -- one arm of the time through the shoulder strap loops. As always. All of the safety check out procedures of the rest deviate before you go for more information about the full line of over 200 course offerings available from action -- system. Visit our website at www. Action -- training dot com. Or contact us at 180755. 1440. Extension three.

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