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Fire Origin & Cause

Mon, 2 Feb 2009|

From Action Training Systems, Title 8 in Essentials of Fire Fighting, Firefighter II, 2008. Presents the firefighter's role in fire cause determination from first alarm to final overhaul. Shows how to secure the fire scene pending an investigation and describes legal considerations of fire cause ...



Welcome to this simple -- from action training systems. All of the learning objectives included in the full course are listed on screen -- -- -- be show an example of these sanctions in this demo a complete listing of our course content is available on our website. The firefighters principal duties. In the determination of fire origin and cause it hard to observe and report significant information. Firefighters must also be able to recognize possible causes of a fire. And protect revenues from unnecessary disturbance until the fire investigate arrives on the season. Firefighters must be aware of the guidelines and regulations practice for contacting law enforcement agencies and calling in fire investigators. Firefighters play an important role in the investigation of arson -- Because they -- -- burst on the scene and have the opportunity to observe the fire's behavior and -- conditions in their undisturbed state. The evidence of -- -- can be easily disturbed to destroy the fire orange fire suppression operation. So firefighters must make every -- like -- -- indicators of fire cause and origin. As important as accurately as possible to fire investing. For more information about the full line of over 200 course offerings available from action training systems. Visit our website at www. Action -- training dot com. Or contact us at 180755. 1440. Extension very little.

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