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Ladder Drag

Tue, 6 Jan 2009|

In this truck company tactics video, Mike Ciampo demonstrates some simple ways to bring multiple portable ladders and tools from the truck to the fire scene.



It. Portable ladders are essential tool for firefighting operations. Unfortunately for houses that -- far off the road. There's multiple trips to require vertigo platters -- from the scene. Some firefighters prefer to do a suitcase -- -- -- is also very difficult to -- -- on their shoulder. In addition it's very difficult to walk -- far distance. To assist firefighters in transporting latter's residence far off the road. -- perform the latter drag maneuver. This -- masses in raising that -- to perform. First of -- will go down and open the roof looks. And I'll come down to and Matt Brown's corner latter and place it on -- -- session matter. -- -- can take their hand tools. -- -- -- -- Plays out onto the latter. That's very important at this stage. For the firebird get it down and a well balanced position and -- from his leg muscles or doesn't pull back muscles. It's very important also grab the lowest wrong to lift dot. They're not to reposition the latter. -- uncomfortable position. And began to -- to -- Another table at a drag performers called -- -- that it. It was developed by a firefighter from Orlando. Simply opened off the roof folks and lay it flat on the ground that's -- -- the extension ladder and laid on that a roof books. We'll -- will keep its national out of sliding off. Again it's very important at the firefighter. -- -- which -- his leg muscles sort of an injured back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another variation of the latter drags and make a homemade Rick slide. Simply grab the stokes basket opened the roof folks. Put your material in your tools in here we're just gonna slide it back down into office. The folks will actually bite into this let itself. Again remember -- with the legs. I've received in Iraq.

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