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Meth Lab Fire Scene

Tue, 9 Dec 2008|

Buddy Cales investigates what seems like a routine shed fire and shows you signs that point to possible use of the structure as a methamphetamine lab.



Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's a fire that could be in any of our backyards they shed could be any place to be your jurisdiction can be in my jurisdiction. And it can be anywhere in the country. What's important -- what's different about this shed. Nothing from the outside it's the normal -- you would expect to find and the normal shed fire that you would the company officer. Would be called upon with -- -- to put out forest the fire investigator to do the origin and -- that. Looking at the shed from the exterior there's not a whole lot of things to give me any indication as to what we have. We have some children's toys we have some car parts we have some -- We have a small building with some contents inside. Clothes line propane tank. And the front of the -- has. Window. We're gonna take a walk now over to the front and take a look at the -- Can see as we move to the exterior of the building there's not a significant amount of fire damage that extend out from the in -- the shed. What is apparent though if you look at the window glass closely is that the window glass on the right side that is still act has been painted over with the black college -- -- The window glass on the left side of the frame has -- as a result of the fire and drop down. Looking in from the exterior you could see the contents on the interiors. Of the shed. And predominantly. There's a propane tank with a piece of plastic tubing that immediately catches Iraq. Looking at the exterior of the building there's no -- communication from the interior structure outside of the structure and at this point in time. Given that the outside of the building and the conditions that are on the outside really don't have a good idea as to what took place -- side. Well -- them out we'll start moving towards the end period -- building there weren't here examination. And see what the building contains. Here we are at the entrance way into the shed. Looking at the interior side of the door to the -- there's no fire smoke damage on the interior -- door. A clear indication that the door was open at the time of the fire. Also providing you with a clear indication that the fire had sufficient oxygen to burn and to -- -- looking at the outside of the door. This past been a padlock along with a throw ball. Knowing whether or not this means -- thing right now is hard to tell. But taking note of the condition of the lock in the condition of -- -- Can give you some idea as the integrity of the building at a future point -- your investigation. These are things that not only the fire investigator needs that now but the company officer responding to the fire could also make -- self aware of these conditions upon its arrival. And as -- extinguishing the fire with -- -- We opened the door now and go inside. Looking at the contents as we answer the shed from the door we see a few things of interest. We see an electric fan -- obviously unplug with no power source. Cannot -- source of the fire's ignition and see -- fire extinguisher hanging on the wall directly above. A steel garbage can which contains the break. Behind the garbage can as another piece of covering which looks to be some sort of material. Possibly curtains that extend it across the front window which again is evidenced by the remains in the middle of the window. We now have a secondary set of devices used to obscure the -- the shed from outside view. As you start to look at the contents of the garbage -- What comes to mind initially is that we have their remains. So all. We have the remains. And hits the -- tablets. And we have another piece of that plastic tubing which -- talked about when we look through the front window towards the area of the propane tank whether or not those things mean anything to us at this point it's hard to say. But it's things that we should take notice and if there's things that they could become evidence later on in our investigate. Don't overlook -- thing actually start to look. Taken the interior examination a little further into the interior structure. We see a large amount of class a combustible debris located directly under the window. That the -- consists of some cardboard boxes and again which on first examination. Looks like household garbage. And ordinary stuff care which has been subject to fire -- Looking at the chair it appears that the fire that extended into the chair. Came to the chair as opposed to coming out of that chair and extending up into other portions of the build. As you start to move towards the front corner of the interior the shed we notice a few things that are a bit unusual. Some sort of aluminum foil or packaging materials inside this container. The remains. Some sort of pills inside this container. The remains of some sort of plastic container or containers which has melted down to the top of the piece of furniture. Next to that is a coffee. Pot with. Coffee filter inside in no evidence of any type -- what does that mean we don't know right now. Next that piece of furniture is the -- and I talked about earlier with peace of plastic tubing coming out of it and now where the substantial fire inside the ship has taken place the area of the top of this table. On top of this cable war items which. Appeared to be either some sort of glass container. Some sort of ball. War as we see in the corner. Camping fuel. In addition to the camping fuel on top of that on top of the table we see. Rolled paper towels just have burned up almost completely. We see. A strainer with something inside of it over another glass jar. And we see a large quantity of white powder along the top of the table in addition to a significant quantity. Of paper coffee filters in various types. Yards mason jars a crock pot. And other type of vessels. Looking to the crock -- we see that the crock pot is plugged into the electrical supply. Our examination of the electricity within the structure when we undertake that later on in the investigation. We'll reveal that the electrical components are functioning properly. Shown no evidence of barking or surety and are eliminated -- -- the origin or the cause of the fire. Moving over to the small table. What immediately catches your -- is the three lithium batteries in the jar along with again more coffee filters stuffed inside. Another mason jar and other vessels containing. Various liquids or powdery residue. So what are we looking at here we're looking at a small storage shed. The contains a large amount of items not associated with -- anything we -- on the outside. There's no children's toys there's no car parts. There's really no hardware -- tools there's all different types of containers. Fassel's paper products. Fuel and the remains of some sort. Packaging for Madison's. What are we looking at here we're looking at a methamphetamine processing laboratory. That has been involved in a flash fire. This methamphetamine processing laboratory. Can be anywhere and unfortunately with the with this fire comes significant degree of hazards. Not only that a firefighter responding to it but to the fire investigator whose quote this scene who investigate -- -- and and cause of this fire. Should you encounter a fire like this in your jurisdiction. You should immediately contact the methamphetamine laboratory unit of your state police the county sheriff -- your local law enforcement. And request their immediate assistance and processing this fire investigation. As it's apparent through what we've seen here this is not only to fire it's a -- -- Somebody else. Thanks for watching.