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Bedroom Fire Investigation

Thu, 13 Nov 2008|

What's wrong with this picture? Arson investigator Buddy Cales examines clues that should arouse suspicions in the wake of a bedroom fire.



Yeah. Yeah. -- He dispatched to the scene of this fire as you pull up obviously it's a working fire. As the crews are preparing to make entry what are they say -- any visible fire. Or any smoke. Where's the smoke coming from -- that doors and the windows to the exterior of the building open. Are there any signs from the exterior to building as you're preparing your fired back that something is obviously. Not the way it's supposed today. Let's take a look here think noted -- on the chair there's mine. Against the side of the brick wall there's -- against the wall. As we go closer look towards the window there's an obvious primark on the window where a tool -- -- -- -- the window open. If you -- your crew didn't force entry into this wind -- you should stop. You should immediately realize that forced entry had been made prior to the fire. And that the origin and cause of the fire may well -- something other than accident though in nature. We've made it -- the interior fires. Where the entrance to the bedroom door with fire occurred. Looking at the exterior side the hallway side -- bedroom door he could see that the door was closed the time fire. The smokes -- -- -- -- that's come out as by products of the combustion inside the room. Is -- there's no evidence that the fire has traveled from the end here the room. Through the door -- Out into the hallway nor is there any evidence that the door was open at the time the fire. When opened the door and moved into the room where the fire -- We've made our way into the bedroom where the fire took place. It's obvious as soon come through the door that the majority of the fire not all of the fire consumed the portion of the -- and the mattress and box spring. The -- board in the area where the curtains -- -- on the front window of the house. Directly above the center that bad looking -- ceiling. You can see the line of the heat demarcation. Where the fire in the flames hadn't changed on the ceiling. And the smoke and heat lines as the heat and smoke filled the room. The level about three foot off the walls as we could see in the area along this front law. We're gonna move now across the front of -- -- to the other side of the room as we start identify the contents the fuel load and look for potential origin and cause -- The fire. Take note as we move across the interior of the room what's remaining on the dead. -- some sort of plant there. The window glass -- also what appears to be the remains -- a purse or pocket book and another item in the middle of the debt. As you start to walk over to the side of the room closest to where the doors. We see the contents of the room we see normal items of furniture address -- an -- Wall hangings are protected areas on the wall with a walk -- -- come down during the course of the fire. We see the mirror cracked from the heat of the fire will we will also able to observe is the amount of smoke. That is covered -- the -- glass. As well as the contents on top of the Dresser nothing appears out of place or abnormal with the exception of the watch case which is in the open position. The remainder of the contents of the room in this area the night stand the pole -- The contents on top of the Dresser and -- -- Dresser drawers themselves which are filled with clothing. -- -- -- And also in the cabinet on examination that -- -- removed from the area where the fire originated the majority of the fire being started in. The senator -- better concentrated on senator the bad. What is worth taking notice here is on the floor in the wrong. Directly in front of the Dresser is an overturned wouldn't jewelry box that has fallen down on top of the -- This could have occurred during the course of the fire -- opera. The outside -- the window. Could lead to suspicion that there's a difference here between. What we're observing what we think could have happened and what the actual -- soared in the fire might be. As we go back to the side of the room and close proximity to the side window to window primark on the exterior. We make some very important observations. We see is stuff mark on the side of the -- that appears to be mud and directly below that -- and on the floor we -- two items of jewelry. During our examination -- the other side of the room and looked at the jewelry box on the floor the jewelry box of them the there was no confidence in the jewelry box. We come back and look -- in this area. That Strasser although it contains normal items associated with -- bedroom. We note no jury box or anything present in this area. Yet we know jewelry on the floor. Located on the floor directly below the Dresser on this side of the room is -- ladies hearing. Nine characteristic place to find an -- coupled with the necklace on the floor. And the -- marks on the side of the window. Directly below where the window had been -- Bring our attention to the area of the dead. We have heavy fire damage in the center of the bad with just consume the majority of the mattress. In the center of the -- Betting -- burned all the way down that -- -- leaving no betting that covering. Or mattress material in place. During the course of the examination of the fire scene that we would undertake in an effort to determine new York and in the -- in the fire. We examine all the natural accidental heat sources that are present in the room. Would also look at the burn patterns -- look at fire damage. Look at the contents and how they were burned. In all of those indicators would bring us back to the center of the bad as where the fire originated or the area of origin of -- fire. Our examination would take us through would be able to eliminate all natural -- -- heat sources that would be present in this room. As we conclude -- origin -- investigation were unable to. Determining natural or accidental heat source that's present in the room that started the fire on the center of the dead. Coupled with the observations we need on the exterior of the building the presence of the jewelry in the interior the room the scuff mark. And the lack of a natural identifiable heat source. The only potential ignition scenario possible for igniting this fire is the introduction of a foreign heat source that materials. Available on the -- Coupled with the jewelry on the floor the forced entry in the room indicating that this scene is an arson burglary and. Somebody -- thanks for. And.

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