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Cause and Origin

Tue, 16 Sep 2008|

When examining a fire scene, don't be too quick to jump to conclusions when confronted with what looks like multiple points of origin. Buddy Cales takes a close look at one such scenario.



What are we have that this fires me. We have -- fire in the closet. And we have a fire on the chair. Is there any natural means that he transfer from fire in the closet -- the fire on the -- Or is there natural mean -- heat transfer from the fire on the chair. Back into the closet. War as what it appears are their two fires one on the chair with no means of communication. To the fire in the closet. Looking closely at the fire that we have in the closet is an obvious -- pattern emanating from the bottom of the closet in the pile of clothing. Upward and outward on the interior of the closet wall. The parent become very apparent as it goes up the side wall of the closet. To the area of the ceiling. It's also apparent is at the time of the fire the closet doors were in the open position. Yet on the lower portion of this fire. There's no fire damage -- to the floor and obviously no communication from that fire all the way across the room over to the chair. Are we looking at an incendiary fire here where there's multiple points of origin attributable to the addition of a -- heat source. War are we jumping to too quick of a conclusion. And letting our initial impressions take us through the fire scene into an erroneous origin and cause determination. Let's look a little bit closer. Above my head -- the remains of curtain rod. The curtain rod is directly above. Halogen light. Looking at the position at the window. Time to fire the when that was in the open position. Really -- it. Is it possible then. That a piece of clothing -- -- came in contact with. Hot halogen light. Dropped to the ground. Setting the clothing on fire inside the closet. And then blowing back over and contacting the chair. War traveling across through the metal curtain rod. Through the remainder of the curtain were dropped back down onto the chair. Let's look real close into the chair -- deep jarring. Into the chair material. Directly about. Is the end of the fabric curtain rod with a fabric could have dropped setting the fire. We don't have multiple points of ignition here we have one fire and accidental cause who was being. The contact that the low density combustible material. To the high heat output -- halogen light. As you examine the fire scene be careful that your own overlook the obvious and make an erroneous -- -- was determined. Somebody else thanks a --