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Investigation Protocol

Tue, 14 Oct 2008|

Does your department have a policy to deal with investigations that may involve public safety personnel? Buddy Cales explores this and other issues while investigating a living room fire scene.



Yeah. -- Yeah. Yeah. He arrived at this fire scenes and check in with the chief officer in charge. He tells you right off the bat something doesn't look right. Tell us that the fire took place in the living room of the residents. And initially to him it appears that the fires set. You walk into the front door the building fire department still on the scene is still involved in overall. You walk into the living room and immediately looked down. He observed a candle on the cotton clothes line over the top of the candle. As soon -- you disturb the -- and older similar distinctive -- gasoline permeates the area. Obviously gasoline does not belong in this living room. Obviously this is going to be an incendiary fire the evidence is apparent the evidence is visible the evidence is in plain view. What do you do now at this scene if this scene involves a member of your department. A member of the local police department. Member of city government. Member of county government -- department have a protocol in place for conducting an investigation. What do you do if you have a potential conflict of interest here. If your department have rules and regulations that you need to work on there. Is there another investigative agency you can call to assist you in determining the origin and cause of this fire. Or in examining this fire -- This is one of those fire scenes -- you need to dot your -- and crush it fees especially if there's the potential that. The person involved is a member that you now with a member of your department. Or is somebody that has some sort of influence or bearing in the community. Before you begin to conduct this investigation. Make sure that you conduct the investigation. Under the proper legal authority. Within that authority is a consent to search. War whether based on the evidence that you immediately seen walking into the fire scene you file first search warrant. Make sure that you do what you need to do here go that he added effort to make sure that you don't mess up. The potential for criminal prosecution. Somebody -- thanks for life.