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Roof Hand Tools

Wed, 4 Jun 2008|

Mike Ciampo discusses using various hand tools in roof ventilations operations.



I'm fortunate or get that a roof. Our power source can malfunction we have to revert back -- hand tools having enough and a proper tools on the roof. Can mean the successful operation -- an operation and go -- real fast. While -- first things that we can do. Our roof with a high -- bring -- -- flatter. On walk global -- such as this one. We may slide just everywhere here's our -- -- to create a footsteps and a break for us simply take the pointed out again and drive it through roof. Now. We're good position our foot. And now -- -- -- as we're going to work. Our -- are next to that we -- normally bring to the roof. So many of us were taught and -- schools that we should swing the -- and shot through the actions cyclical wedge. Many times -- you drive a wedge in to appease a -- or does get stocks. Just -- this. And we spend a few seconds trying to free up. It took their trade is to date the acts and -- the back -- So we don't -- -- rules. I'm now demonstrate that. If you know ours is a very fluid motion of swing. I'm not all my body and try to get enough force I'm just using my hands and letting -- cool. As momentum -- the roof. This -- pounds this good or not force the roof to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The wave of cool cars and.