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Door Tips

Fri, 2 May 2008|

Mike Ciampo shares techniques for opening up doors and some uses for doors, such as preventing fire advance and removing a downed firefighter.



Many times in the fire service. We'll -- a door for numerous things judges have burned out floor here to remove wood down fireman or to protect an area doesn't have a door. Normally firefighters take out -- and tried to. Right -- were down and off he got to the bottom top. And easier back in the reform accurate -- is. You take out schedule places there right and you'll be doing you'll come out -- slide and you're gonna pull the door that is -- -- pull out towards. -- slide right down. They do the same thing. You have your door and you -- -- -- out over a floor burned out floor. Another use for the doors to remove it down firefighter. Once -- prop the door. We have positioned door next that are firemen -- -- -- -- firefighter out. Slide that door over -- slide -- out of doors in position by the window. We can try to rip. It made homemade slept over firefighter. And many homes we'll have doors with the arch ways -- doors have been removed lost in those rooms are on fire. And a -- host lies on position yet. Sometimes we'll have to stop the extension of fire again -- -- are -- complacent over the archway or over the doorway keep the fire contained. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep the door there. A good day fire. Many times or search and bedrooms -- -- close behind us. As we come back around exit will be region and we'll try to apply the door -- And there's no -- about president maybe a child knocked -- -- maybe just broke offices have been repaired. A lot of firefighters quickly attempt to put -- out -- and underneath the door and pull back up as we could see it pitches the door and it will not open. While other firefighters quickly try to come over there and write this engine swap them both there well painted the two may slip right -- not quite. A quick and easy method to perform -- out of a room as a baseball swing. Normally -- -- about this lack of your hand and your arm if you just size up the area here. And we'll take a baseball swing. The -- pops open routers. Remember when -- swim out and tool we're try to come in an angle with the point. We don't want a bird report out into the to two by four sons that run you up along the door for an. One thing about the fire service we normally favor. Are better side have a right and hamburger at the right canceling my unfortunately we had to be good with musicals of both sides of our body if that -- -- -- -- -- Practice with these techniques and on this situation. I'm gonna use a left handed swing OK we'll see what happens well Linus who are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of guys questioned why we don't drive -- point out dangers from the door itself and -- back. -- -- a lot of doors are cheap win we do that and pull back the force is a tool.

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