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Testing Water Flow

Mon, 19 May 2008|

In this training video on engine company tactics, Ray McCormack discusses the importance of having an adequate water supply.



It. Today we're going to talk about the importance of having a proper water supply before we into the fire area. Very important that the novel team has sufficient want to put out the fire. Is a private dwelling in a private dwelling we want charged -- line with what before we make entry very important. We've also set up the line so that for a rapid advance we have -- U shaped. 11 proposed that's going to be our tackle is for this house all set up -- ready to go this will play out perfectly. They give us a nice quick advance into the occupancy. If it was laid out opposite of the way it is currently would have a problem because of the drag -- Involve the friction. We're we're going to do now is we're going to look to what we should be doing for nozzle size of that includes opening the front -- -- Trying to get a look into the occupancy under the smoke layer. This will assist us in trying to locate the fire. And any possible victims or obstacles in the way of the novel thing. Firefighters should get one hope. Near the doorway. Opened the door keep control of the door at all times. Open the door. Take a look in on that a small -- And find out where we -- -- high. It's important that the firefighter with the nozzle get good water delivered to the nozzle. Also we want to check the pattern of on nozzle with this nozzle we can have a varying patterns want to make sure it's in the correct setting for a fire attack. If using a smooth bore nozzle that's not a concern. Wanna check to make sure that we have good water flow before we went side wolf will be checking to make sure that the apparatuses and homes. Very important. We've cool water in the line. What is finally reached the nozzle. Lots of times firefighters. Do this procedure incorrectly. What they tend to do is just open the -- of the -- Quickly and rapidly shut it down this is not a proper indication of reward. I didn't see just of touch of what it came out. Followed by -- That's not -- we want to check to make sure we have prop before wall and then on nozzle is in the proper -- As we can see. What happened was we were set in a wide fog pattern this may or may not be the -- you wish to use for your fired back. We're gonna turn it an adjustment. As we shoot the water we look for the free -- point. Although not for free still getting they are out of the line. At this point if you don't have food water I would suggest that you continued -- still -- -- and -- the lying down on the ground. And wait for the approximate wanted to come feel. This is not a bad stream. The break all the point is about 45 to thirty feet away. Possibly flowing about a 150 -- The minute. It. When we don't have a good stream and we shut down the nozzle the line we'll still get hard this is not an indication that we have good warning. Some firefighters have a tendency to open a line in this manner by shooting awarded them into the ground. This also is not a good indicator of water -- wall. What we wanna do is get the line down -- not -- off the ground keep that in place. -- just open the bail fully. When we realize we have good what -- fully shut down. Now we have a good stream could go into the fire.

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