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Dash Lift

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

These days, successfully extricating a victim from a motor vehicle accident may require lifting the dashboard. Dave Dalrymple explains how to perform this technique. Sponsored by Holmatro.



Let's say we get a patient. We're ready to move our patient out the dash. Is down a patient's leg work. Maybe their fluid they're feeder trapped. In -- full well area that happens a lot today. Because of the -- vehicles are constructed a crumple up and absorb managing. Now the woman techniques in the past we learn was to use a -- role that was kind of putting a hydraulic ram in place from the base the -- Host to in line with the top of the dashboard on a post amid relief cuts and push the -- -- How are used in a spreader to -- the dash and the reason why a -- lift will sometimes go much better than natural today. Is the same reasoning that that dash has come down on the patient's legs. The vehicle is absorbed so much energy it's crumpled up. The first place on unibody construction vehicle when it cannot absorb energy anymore is where the firewall meets the floor and -- -- -- So. The other part of this is most vehicles today in fact all vehicles that have a twin dual airbags. Basically driver's side in the past -- front airbags also have a dash reinforcement bar that runs through to dash. Now we're gonna use that bar that. Hurts us to do it natural. To help us -- -- dash left we're gonna make that in the simple mechanical advantages class one lever for. As you will. Now tool operational lines we've already taken -- fender off and made our vertical cut to a -- them. Now we need to isolate the rest of the dash how we gonna do that. Well first off. With a dash role in the past we needed to remove the entire -- -- that to work. For -- left -- we need to do is cut -- a section of that eight. Direct -- six incident in which. That we're gonna come -- we're gonna make a relief cut in between the door hinges. A good place to make that we got. Where the wiring looms comes out of the vehicle body those door. Sort of make a nice deep cut in that area. Once we've done that were coming -- routers. And crack a minute -- -- -- -- -- right angle that dashboard. What are spreader -- into that hole and we're gonna open spread around as it opens up it's -- -- the dash off. Even -- even -- so we'll look -- down at the same time get away. The nice thing about -- -- it has that actually goes up. We've put force underneath that dash reinforcement bar because it's high tensile strength material. As it stands -- it stays bent -- Whereas in a dash for all we make our we've cut the dash comes right back down at the rams slips are -- -- -- speak up. Keynote here to make sure that we trying to make sure -- curbing his song underneath the eight post. To help facilitate that lift right away. But another thing is say you do have it for entrapment. Or full well entrapment. Sometimes it's not a bad idea to let them thought well actually come down first before you lift up. It either way it's gonna make space and that's bottom line is spaces. In wanna make appropriate -- -- Vietnam.