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FDIC 2008: Opening Ceremony

Wed, 9 Apr 2008|

Watch the presentation of colors by the Pike Township (IN) Fire Department Color Guard and the Indianapolis FIrefighters Emerald Society Bagpipe Band.



And. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen please rise for the presentation of colors. Our national anthem sung by the voices of the IFD. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You. -- just -- and it's okay. And she's saying and -- mom yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Balloons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I know. Please remain standing for the invocation. -- father Edward -- There is a principle which is common to all faiths. And which transcends. All traditions. To put it simply. We are not alone. We are meant to look beyond ourselves. And to care for one another. This gathering is a celebration of our commitment. To that principle. Is a celebration in honor of those who have given their lives. In the service of that principle. And it is a celebration of this community. A community of those who stand ready to do this same. It is -- celebration of the time and energy spent in preparation. In this study of techniques. In the perfection of skills which provide a strong foundation. A solid platform. From which we can reach out to those in need. And it is a celebration of the knowledge. That every time you extend your hand to someone in danger. Every time you put your life on the line. You can be sure that there was someone standing behind you. Someone standing beside you. Waiting to put their lives on the line for you. Waiting to say at the risk of their own lives. That you I'm not alone. That you will never be alone. There is -- story from the war in Vietnam. Of -- squad that was the turning after the fire fight to safety. Behind friendly lines. In a moment of silence. The squad leader here is a voice coming out of the darkness. One of his troops wounded. Calling for help. The others tell -- it's too dangerous. But he goes back out into the night. And sometime -- he returns with the injured soldier. At this soldier is dead. He himself is wounded. Perhaps dying. And the others tell him that he was crazy to go out -- wasted his time. And possibly his life. His -- -- It was worth it. Do you know what he says. When I got to him. He said it. I knew you'd come. That's why we're here. To remind ourselves. To recommit ourselves. To prepare ourselves. A wise man once wrote some days. After mastering the -- the waves -- tides and gravity. We shall harness forgot. The energies of love. And then for the second time in the history of the world we will have discovered fire. With the power. President and all of those who have gone before us. And continued in all of those who are represented by us gathered here today. It is clear that we -- well on the way. It is clear that the -- is already burning with an eternal flame which proclaims. We are here. We will Cobb. You'll not be alone. And so we pray. Com holy spirit. Fill the hearts of your faithful. Kindle in us the fire of fuel. Send forth your spirit. And we will be created. And you show renew the face of the earth. Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats.