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Kidde Fire Trainers - FDIC 2007

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Info on new Kidde systems for live fire training in a safer environment, straight from the floor of FDIC 2007.



Get it is a part of a very large corporation called united technology. Did has many businesses with -- name -- but our business here is -- -- -- trainers what we're featuring this year is a the ability to change -- a live fire system that's -- -- To a water mesh technology which means that we burn on top of the water but we burn with a much more greater heat intensity. Then before to create more of realism in the fire training exercise for the firefighters. That's one of the major products we have Brussels featuring a system which allows you to. Turn on the -- remotely with a wireless -- and that allows the trainers to move around in the training area. Without being encumbered by -- cable what we are offering to the firefighter. Is a a live fire environment which is safe. We have lots of sensors and lots of temperature controllers. That are computer control to allow for that that environment. Soon to be hot and to be real but also to -- to -- to be safe. I would tell someone is looking -- -- a product. That they should be looking at the experience. That's associated with the the equipment that they're using because there's nobody in the world that has more experience with the safety of live fire training equipment. That we do you. We're here at the probably one of the most exciting news that the FDIC this is the -- fire -- like fire trainer. What we have here is a mobile fire trainer and no 1000 produced by get a fire trainers. It's essentially a mobile training academy you can do all sorts of training drills from very basic skills like search and rescue and -- -- suppression. All the way up to more advanced skills like rapid intervention training and and things along those lines. It's a very valuable training. This is not hey. That -- later this is real fire this is the real thing even though it's fueled by clean burning propane or natural gas. Fires are real they're hot. As an example of the five foot level you can reach easily reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Which we know is certainly enough to sin here talk a little bit blue if you would about the safety features are built into this unit. -- is a big hit -- will be important factor in in training course I mean we want to expose students to. What our environment he the smoke into the chaos -- the have a real emergency we wanna do it and controlled environment this allows. The user error the -- take to cause a fire at any given time tonight at one moment you can have fires raging. -- -- at the touch of a button moments later you can evacuate all the -- extinguish all the flames. And and get to a person that -- the lost him in the training room or or just you know -- any panic. What are my choices. As a trainer as administrator with -- program by one of these things. -- -- everything that I would. But most trainers have that get from me or for -- Internal fire you can have 12 or three internal fires. There's also flash over roll over -- which is a dramatic burst of fire across the this -- smoke is is a standard feature simulated smoke which helps your division down to the point where you can't see your hand in front of your basics. It's pretty I'm pretty powerful. Other options -- the second story room. That allows you to simulate either and it you know a second story -- A second story residence or if you can actually use that second story room to simulate a basement fire pack. He stayed on the roof. And make your way down the -- you can actually -- -- -- Fire where you're coming down into the heat and flames. There's a wide range of options some of the options at this trainer has our wireless controls which permit me operator -- -- go anywhere in the trainer. And if all the students around the -- yeah maybe talk himself from the border while that some training scenarios going on or about numbers they -- Better. -- built in the room. -- -- is very important to get our trainers we had we had an outstanding safety record over 48 years and we've been our users have conducted three million training scenarios. Without any incident -- you know there has been some barriers and in this type of training. Program however your -- program has had. Literally no failures and that's I think a really important things that we're very proud of that yeah. Blue earlier you talked about chaos being part of the training scenario and that certainly chaos on a fire scene is this something we see every day. How do you incorporate that into this program. To give that perception of of the. Chaos -- 2007 we just introduced a brand new feature which is an -- sound system. What it does is it allows the operator cube introduced sound as a distraction. During -- training scenario so not only will you have sounds like the crackling of but class a burning material. But you've been introduced incidents sounds something like victim crying -- calling for help. Something like chain saws over overhead cutting through the roof so that is an indication that someone's been leading -- ready. It really makes the scenario less -- and really makes it a realistic training experience yeah. And that's great I think gets the important. We talk about that -- and how that enhances the environment that -- there -- training -- -- very often although West Virginia University -- service extension. Very tells little bit about how you're gonna specifically use this -- this is dub this as your unit director and I love how -- -- plan on using. Not every department in town does say -- happening so our goal is. We're gonna go to -- and we will do throughout the state career volunteer. Industrial. To be able to provide. Structural live fire training with the with the features that we -- in the trailer and also to. As part of firefighter training and to help develop skills for firefighter want to forcible entry through -- middle -- -- SEV -- confidence. -- Structural firefighting. We're so excited about this our partnership would give our trainers -- just been phenomenal and we're so excited to get it back to West Virginia and get it operation. That's great we'll -- look what it. Really thank -- for women it's by -- the star of the show out here. And I wish you well.

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