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Nominate a Hero Today

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Has someone in your department displayed exceptional courage and valor in the line of duty? Nominate them today for the Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award, which is handed out each year at FDIC and comes with a check for $25,000.



Ray Downey courage and valor award. Is an award given out annually to a member of the fire service that displays courage and -- In the line of duty. The courage and valor award is named after my dad -- -- One of the most decorated 55 New York City -- on the history. My dad spent 39 years with the fired upon me. Was awarded -- -- eighteen citations in three medals for valor and courage he was the operations chief at the Oklahoma City bombing. And displayed on terrorism throughout his career. In years past -- what has been given to someone exposed to extreme personal risk -- a fire operation. Or technical rescue. This individual could be from a paid or volunteer department. It's very much -- just like to think about -- while corporation. Fire engineering magazine for this great honor. Of course my wife and family for all their sacrifices for letting me do the greatest job in the world. The recipient will receive a specially made metal as well -- 25000 dollar cash toward the nomination process is easy. Just go to WWW. That FDIC. Dot com and download an application. Rescues are happening every day. This is a great way to acknowledge these acts of heroism. Nominate your local -- today. Look. Robots -- this job for you to do this for yourself for your department. -- my brother and I and especially my dad.