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FDIC 2008: Lifetime Achievement Award

Tue, 22 Apr 2008|

The 2008 Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award went to Battalion Chief (ret.) John Mittendorf, Los Angeles City (CA) Fire Department.



-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you read this -- why wouldn't leave. Let's pick up that all of my people would be brought it forward you the whole secret of his business I think it's among the disarmament as intimately and -- Think the connected as you possibly. Very important to note the enemy -- -- -- fire how the enemy spreads convection conduction through radiation. And he got a million battlefield you're gonna do battle under fire -- got -- battlefield. The premier position that the workers in this -- -- what have -- this -- -- Is that we -- the most popular service for the most excepted service aware the most trusted service we have to live to our arrested because firefighters are worth saving. His message was always. To make a difference. To live life so that you were leaving a mark. This award shows. Our family. That he truly made a difference if you didn't. Why is alive no matter how experienced you you've got to have somebody on the -- Back to you because you don't know there are times when this thing. Thank god just get me through this you know they're good Gloria. Go to church at Simon is a very -- -- -- through this. It's a super thing and I am very appreciative this award I would just like to leave one simple little message today. Especially in the younger people. Can't make it him. In my father -- here this morning. You remind us of the cold hard fact no leader is any greater than the men and women. Location brings tremendous personal status. And to enjoy the association. With the -- people -- -- privileged to work with. Makes fire fighting enviable. Of those sentenced -- much more mundane morning and I think like most people live. Had these things happen to -- They realize that they really stand on the shoulders of people have gone before them people who stand next to them and deeply admire. Hi I'm very honored this at this moment because -- -- introduced to a true living legend. For our industry or service. Classic gentleman that few of us can hope to achieve what he is done. That's John Wooden door. We asked John -- -- door. To allow us to -- him -- toward FDIC fired and all things. And was an initially experience and typical John -- -- style. We asked them to accept the award was very humble we've -- -- which took the -- very flattered but why. And I wasn't surprised by the question you see the really -- skies are really humble guys that gentleman. And like -- John Wooden door. Still more focused on the future. And they are looking back so please allow me -- it tough to please allow me to tell a little bit about childhood or. John -- Los Angeles city fire department 1963. In August of 1965 the watts riots started and quickly became a night major nationalism. With -- terms like charcoal Alley one -- allowing to -- oil in three became synonymous with extremely high fire behavior. -- was assigned -- truck -- number two and sixty H I was promoted to apparatus operator and then later assigned to one of the busiest truck companies in Los Angeles. Six years later after obtaining & Associates of arts degree in fire science John was promoted to captain. And then within two years was promoted to captain two or in California it's called task force commander. 1981 John wrote his first article hazards of common roofing for the western file -- journal magazine and Diane has never forgiven and cents. This article was followed by civil war including lightweight construction truck test and positive pressure ventilation a positive change for the advantage. John was promoted to battalion chief and when -- later became commander of the departments in service training. After three years in the training section it was can reassign the field as -- suppression chief. In 1993. John retired from Los Angeles city fire department after thirty years of service and moved to Oregon where he currently lives with his wife Janice a 35 years. -- been a member of the NFPA. His provided training programs the national fire academy and an expert Maryland University of California Los Angeles and the British fire academy Morton on the martian England. John currently lectures the United States the United Kingdom on strategy and tactics truck operations building construction. And various other fire ground operations. -- also also authored best selling books truck company operations. Facing the promotional interview and ventilation operations. Johnson active member of the editorial advisory board for fire engineering. And we asked a few John's close friends. To reflect on the award for John and here's what they had to say from she found were missing. John learn firefighting tactics and strategy by going to school on the street you refined his understanding of how buildings burn up and behave by being up close and personal to -- in the collapse on. His teaching continues to improve because he has always been and always will be a student of what he teaches. From Paul -- If you look -- like character professionalism and credibility he would see John's picture. From captain Mike Galliano. John that door to set the standard by which all -- fire officers will be measured. His expertise has contributed to the foundations of an entire generation of firefighters. From David -- The lifetime achievement award bar has just been raised. You'll be able to match John that -- passion and energy to write travel teach and share a commitment to firefighters safety and intelligent firefighting. The fire service Hall of Fame has just become more complete. The filing closing from myself and I think all the rest of John -- -- -- or. We believe that you -- the embodiment of character and dignity you -- the instructors instructor. Please accept this award with our thanks. Our respect. And our unending admiration. Ladies and gentlemen. Is my distinct honor to introduce to you. The 2008. Fire engineering lifetime achievement award winner. Chief John -- door. I'm very very thankful this podium is about three inches higher because you wouldn't be able to see who's talking up there. I think a couple of words of thanks and honor first of all to god and his graciousness. For allowing me to be in a fire service. My wife of 36 years who is probably tied to more. And read more fire service stuff that probably a lot of people in the country. And I also look at FDIC is the premiere. Training. Conference in this country. Bobby hall -- film and the rest of the staff who provide this opportunity for us every year after year after year. Even though this thing continues to grow and get bigger bigger bigger fact. Because of FDIC they're building a brand new. Training center right cross the street over here. And I also think it's very very important to thank each one -- you. For your devotion to the fire service for coming out improving your professionalism your safety. And I also think about the years traveling around teach in the country you talk about people like Alan -- -- Vincent done John Norman. -- -- Rick last keep illegal Felder I mean. The list just goes on and on and on people who travel around the country and not only devote their time to fire service but the devote their time. To use to travel around come -- departments and talk. Increase our professionalism -- safety nets would supply. You know it's not really pleasurable sleep -- -- sixes and -- on aircraft today but I think if you can travel around. And you can preach the message of professionalism. And safety. And -- what firefighters do for this country. And I think it's all worthwhile. And again most of all thanks to all of you for coming to FDIC and for making these awards possible. Thank you very much.

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